sending defective phones and expect me to pay?

Ordered a phone from sprint on-line received the phone on Nov 6, 2013 the phone's screen went out on the Nov 10, 2013. Went to the Sprint store on 95th in Evergreen Park Nov 13, 2013 to have the phone replaced! The gentleman was very nice he tried to accommodate me to the best of his ability. He called their customer service to inform them my phone had went out and his tech informed him there was nothing they could do because it's internal. Sprint had me on the phone in this store for 2 hours telling me to call my insurance for a defective phone they sent me! Spoke to 3 people that day still got no phone! Then she began lying about sending me a phone because I refused to buy one! The manager informed them my phone was still under warranty because I had just got it. They insisted I buy a phone and again I refused. I told her that's what insurance is for but it was not my fault it was a defective phone they sent me! The supervisor on the phone said they were sending me a phone in two days which has proven to be a lie it has been 3 weeks still no phone but sprint expects me to pay a $300.00 phone bill for service I have not received! Sprint is Fleecing America and I want to file a law suite against them for their deceptive practices. This is a out rage. How can Sprint send me a defective phone and not replace it would not suspend service but expect me to pay an outlandish bill. I refuse and will see you guys in court trust me you can send out lemons and expect the consumer to pay for it. Sprint is a company of unethical practice and will not and should not be permitted to operate in the United States using fraudulent deceptive means! They are raping and robbing consumers because they are a large profitable corporation!

Offender: Sprint
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 180 N Lasalle St Ste 103 Chicago IL 60605

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