Megastar Media
Sandy Rowley of Megastar Media Stole My Money!!!

In 2010 I commissioned Sandy Rowely, CEO of Megastar Media, to build a website for my nonprofit. She was engaging upon our initial meeting and so I paid her 3,000 dollars in cash to build my website. We began working and it started off pretty good until I noticed her behavior was a little irrational and peculiar; she would make comments that suggest my money was well below her standards, and she'd hint that I was not genuine since she saw a fox near my house. I was very generous to Sandy and invited her and her son to my home on several occasions. I provided her with free readings and tuning fork sessions, while we constructed plans for my website. After a short while, Sandy refused to work my website and didn't answer my phone calls for no apparent reason. I loss patience with her lack of professionalism and asked for a refund. Sandy refused to give me a full refund and began calling me names, mocking me and went about her way. I was so upset and shocked by this woman's lack integrity and blatent disrespect towards myself and my spiritual project. I waited patiently for Sandy to realize that she stole my money, and sure enough on June 23, 2012 Sandy contacted me via email and said, "I would like to start sending you money..."

I responded, "it's a pleasure hearing from you...'" and proceeded to give her the information to my paypal account.

On June 25,2012 Sandy sent 300.00 dollars to my paypal account and I thanked her for being honest. We exchanged kind words back and forth via email over the months and on February 8,2013 Sandy emailed me and said, "FYI, money is rolling in again and within the next month I can send you more..."

On April 3,2013 my husband was killed and I thought it was perfect timing when Sandy sent 100.00 dollars via paypal On April 15,2013. I was in deep mourning and her payment made me feel good about her honesty. I emailed Sandy and said, "thanks Sandy, I appreciate your kind gesture."

Six months passed and I didn't hear anything from Sandy, so on October 18, 2013 I emailed her and said, "hi Sandy, I haven't received any more payments... my husband passed away six months ago...I really appreciate your attempts to repay me. Take care."

Sandy responded, "sorry to hear about your loss. The last time I sent a payment, you seemed upset by it. I took money I needed for food to give to you..."

I was beyond confused and was still grieving over my loss, so I threw my hands up with trying to deal with this lady rationally. She simply made something up about me in her head, again, to justify her keeping the money she owes me. I began to send emails, demanding she refund my money and Sandy has not responded thus far. I sincerely believe Sandy is a racist, liar and theif and will take advantage of anyone who allows it. I'm preparing to take her to small claims court, so that I can be done with this foolery and reclaim my money to continue with my spiritual projects.

Offender: Megastar Media
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 297 Kingsbury Grade Suite #100 Lake Tahoe NV 89449-4470 011
Phone: 7754536120

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