Outback Steakhouse thornton co

My family and I hav been going to this outback for more then 14 years. Last night my parents my brother and I made the 45 minute drive to meet for dinner there. First off the waitress was AMAZING however the food was not. First my parent lettuce wedges were warmer then room temp , (which we did not say anything because it was just the salad) well my dad ordered the all you can eat shrimp with streak and his steak he requested be cooked medium. When his steak came out it was way more then well done. So we sent it back and took about 15 minutes to get the corrected steak. Well in the meantime his shrimp was brought out (crispy ) and was cold. Then he ordered the shrimp scampi which was VERY fishy . My dad did not want to say anything as the waitress was more then busy. My mom ordered the outback special and she usually gets a side of wala hala pasta however the waitress almost was pissed my mom asked and said it would cost more and there would be no veggies in it so my mom chose to get a sweet potato instead fully loaded. Well her meal was ok except the sweet potato had nothing on it so by the time she was almost done eating she and myself for the butter and cinnamon for it. So by this time both hers and mine were cold and needless to say way too noisy. My brother had ordered the salmon and unfortunately could not finish it or the veggies because I how dry it was. Again he did not want to mention this because the waitress who was great at service was overly busy. Well when the bill came I went and approached the manager on duty and explained my concerns and did not think it was fair to charge us for the steak that was not cooked correctly and had to wait 15 mins for the right one. I also mentioned the lettuce wedges and the salmon and I apologised but the 15 years we have been going there have only had to complain maybe three times total. He said oh ok I will take care of it. So he drops the bill off and to my surprise he took off $11.00. That's right only $11.00. 90 percent of the food that was served to us was the quality of an all you can eat buffet for $5.00. So we will not be returning anytime soon as we feel we should not have been charged nearly what we paid. We did make sure we tippe the waitress well because it was not her fault the food what shit nor he fault that the manager felt taking $11.00 off our bill was sufficient for our meal. I will hope to hear from management as we have been going there for years. Even the last 9 years that we have lived over 45 mins away from this location. Again I hope to hear from upper corporate management as this is very sad to us because of the food and shocking let down from the manager on duty. Thank you

Offender: Outback Steakhouse thornton co
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 120th and Washington Thornton CO 80233 Us

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