Recently I had the misfortune of having a deer run into the side of my 2012 Maxima took it to the dealership that we bought the car from in order to avoid any problems that turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE after being told the car was ready we got to the dealership only to find out the car was not ready, they never apologized they just said come back in two days (Friday) so Friday we never got a call but we went to pick the car up anyway on the way we decided to call just in case and guess what they said the car wouldn't be ready until Monday, Monday we go to pick the car up and when we get there it has trash all across the door and the hood was one great big orange peel the guy, Tim starts apologizing and said he didn't look at the car but they would fix it. The next morning I go back to the dealership and talk to Will (most dishonest guy I have ever met) Will says all we have to do is buff it and the trash is a nit (another word for trash)and also He said he didn't look at the car either he wasn't even there but they will fix it, so 16 days later I get a call and they said to come pick the car up when I get there they had repainted the hood, drivers fender, and faded in the passenger fender but not the front bumper
so the paint doesn't match, still has trash in the paint so I sent him for the owner, a nice young lady who brought the General sales manager with her and then they all started telling me you can't match the paint because the bumper is rubber and the hood is metal, also a little trash in the paint is acceptable that I was just used to a 5 or 6000 paint job and they didn't do those there if they had told me they are used to trash in their paint job and they couldn't match the paint
would you have left your car there? also the car looked like they had run it thru a car wash they said they would run it thru their detail shop if I wanted but that was how they did things. I know everyone's
experience is different but I had bought my last 3 cars in 6 years from JIM JOHNSON NISSAN in Bowling Green, KY also my last
they only care about the dollar not the quality of work or the customer
Do yourself a favor if you go there ask them about trash or nits and matching the paint get it in writing if you talk to Will you will need it

Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Scottsville Rd Bowling Green KY 42101

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