Maintenance Agreement was Grandfathered

i had 25 Items on my Total Care Grandfathered Maintenance agreement in 2006 last one that was correct . I usually renew my agreement every year or every two years . I had 25 items grandfathered somehow they keep changing it . Now it is only 20 items . The items are usually transferred from year to year. A couple years ago I had a problem the rep that renewed my plan made many mistakes. I lost my lawn mower agreement that would have had to be replaced, because they kept not fixing it , not my problem just when this occurred . Each time it is renewed we go over my items covered and somehow my Dishwasher that is installed in my house was omitted in error and I was never notified and just found out today, when I took a sweeper in for repair . I was told it was no longer on my plan , for some reason they keep taking items off without my knowlege . To make a long story short when I called today and got a corrrect print out of my covered items , I found out there were items on my plan that I no longer have and items omitted like my canister sweeper that was on in 2006 and also my Dishwasher that I never took off. This could have been fixed but they refused to correct it , because I was not aware either item had been removed from my plan. I have had this plan since 1969 and renewed it every year since then . When i built my home in 1991 all my appliances and all home items washer , dryer furnace , air conditioner etc were all added to the plan for $400 you got 25 or 30 items , now its back to 20 I dont know how I lost the Grandfathered items , who knows . The dishwasher is not broken but , im very upset that they say one of their reps documented that I took it off , that never happened and I only found out today 10 / 15/ 2012 the dishwasher and my canister fanthom sweeper were taken off and no longer covered . Im very upset because they keep changing the plans when if they were grandfathered it isnt suppose to happen . Please help me get this matter rectified it can be added back on they just choose not to do it .

Thank You ,
Lena L D'Antonio
402 Shelbourne DR
Pittsburgh, Pa 15239 h 412-795-4936

I first spoke to Monica who answered the phone and ended up with Alex # 601922 from The Winterpark, Fl 32822 office .
I was told to call Operations at

921 E Chester Ave.
Suite 1230
Highpoint , N. C. 27265 1-800-927-2291

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18005494505

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