Kitchen Cabnitery (Lavii Cabintery)
Don't buy from Kitchen Cabinetry OR Lavii Cabinetry they are same

Please don't buy from Lavii cabinetry Chicago (Ivan or his wife) ( or W Fullerton Ave il 60647) Because they liars and thief's. If you got screwed by them I feel bad for you and if you are a new customer please read this first before you trust them, with your hard earn money.
I ordered cabinets for my kitchen and bath from Lavii cabinetry which is located at 3228 w Fullerton Ave Chicago on July 24th 2010. Price was not the reason, but delivery, because he promised to deliver within 4 days. So I ordered a nice looking cabinets design, paid him $3800 advance and rest of $2783 on delivery as he said.
He brought cabinets after 7 days instead of 4 days, but not the whole order, when I came from work, checked the cabinets, they were not same door style, color and made were different, also it wasn’t all the cabinets which I ordered many missing specially one whole kitchen TV wall cabinets, (wall and half cabinets were missing). Cabinets were like show you #1 but bring you #4 or you can say, show original but bring fakes, so called, Ivan the owner, he came, said nasty stuff about the people, from who he bought the cabinets, for me (Kitchen and Bath in Melrose Park) that they messed up the order and he said give him 3 days I will fix it, and bring right cabinets. I said ok let’s try one more time.
Called him every day, after 3 days, sometimes he answered, many times didn't, and promised to bring the rest of the Cabinets, next day all the time. Owner of Kitchen and bath (Melrose park) called me and came to my house and said that Lavii cabinets (Ivan) gave him the check, for cabinets that bounced and he came to collect the cabinets, or I have to pay him for them, but I told him I have the deal with Ivan (Lavii cabinets), not with him, talk to him (Ivan), I already paid Ivan.
Instead of 3 days Ivan (Lavii cabinets), came to drop some of the cabinets after 13 days on Saturday 13th of August with a Korean Lady or Chinese lady, in a van and said that some cabinets are here, this time he (Ivan), checked and they are perfect, Cabinets were in boxes I took his word cause I was in hurry, to go to work. He asked for full payment but I told him first I need to check them, then I will pay you, but he insisted that Korean lady will not bring rest of the cabinets until I pay the amount, I told him I'll not pay until checking, but will give him $1500 out of $2783 he said ok I gave him credit card he said he can't run it, machine is in the office, I said ok I'll give the check but he said no Korean lady wants only cash, so I went home and brought him $1500 cash. After taking the money they both left and came back with so called rest of the cabinets.
I came from work and checked 60% of the cabinets were without slow closing, which he promised, to put slow closing on all the cabinets. Not only that but same problem as first time, this time he brought me two different door style for the same kitchen, different then first door style, of cabinets which he brought me before, cabinets were not same sizes, as I order (have the paper to show the sizes which I ordered) Stuff missing, Drawers missing from the cabinets, Decorating strips over the sink missing, Blind cabinet next to the fridge is wrong with totally different color and door style and size, If I install these cabinets I can't open my fridge doors cause cabinets next to it are wrong sizes, where I need 21 inch cabinets he brought me 24 inch or 18 inch, now they are miss match wall and Base cabinets, some cabinets have screw holes in them, like somebody installed them earlier or they are returned cabinets from someone, cabinets are 5 shades of same color, like very color light to dark, there are some extra cabinets (7) but 4 out of 7 are sink cabinets, where I can adjust them cause every kitchen has only one sink, because many cabinets were missing or wrong, so I had to reconfigure cabinets and yes I used some in the lineup and other 2 or 3 used only doors to match.
Sunday 14th after many tries I get hold of him and told him about problems, he said there were few of them, Korean lady told me, in the end he got angry and said ok come to the office tomorrow I'll give you money back and take the cabinets back, I said ok.
Next day Monday 15th Aug 2010 at 10.45 am went to his office, to get the money back, he started making excuses, that he doesn't know, how to refund back to credit card, or he forgot how to let’s wait for his wife, she's coming she'll do it. Wife didn't show up (because she was in the house behind the business) later found out. So he started giving me different deals, in the end he said give me $1300 which are left and keep the cabinets I’ll bring missing stuff and exchange the cabinets which are mismatched or whatever wrong. He said please give him this favor, he's hurting bad, this person screwed him that person did that. I don't know what I was thinking and I said ok, after half an hour. Gave him the credit card to take $1300 out, but he said today is his birthday, and taking his mom and wife out, how much cash you have, I checked my wallet in front of him, I had $270 cash. he said to give him $250 cash and rest $1050 he will charge on the card, and so he did and also swore, on his kids life that he will do better and make it good, and bring me whatever is missing, from the order next day. So as always I took his words and left.
Next day 16th 2010 called him, 17th called him his answer was I'm coming I have everything you need buddy, but didn't come, he also talk to my workers who are fixing the house and told them he's on his way to help them install and fix problems with the cabinets but never showed up.
On 18th Aug 2010 he called me 2 pm to ask, where I was, and how long it’s going to take me to get to his office to get thing (to pick up missing items). I told him that I'm working about 38 miles from his store (Lake Bluff), for that he replied that after work don't go home come straight to my office for the thing, cause he's going on vacation to Florida, and want me to have thing before he leaves, I said no problem I'll be there at about 5.30 pm he said ok. He called me back at 3.59 pm and asked how far I'm from his store, and please come to the store directly he's waiting for me there. I said the same, after hour and a half, for that he said, no problem buddy, I'll wait for you here in the store. Within 5 minutes of that call my worker called me, that cabinet guy Ivan (Lavii cabinets) is here, with 4 guys and loading his truck with all the cabinets to take them back, I told him just keep an eye on him, and I dialed Des Plaines Police dept. and they dispatched an officer who stopped Ivan (Lavii cabinets) from taking the cabinets back. Ivan (Lavii cabinets) played trick on me to make sure, that I'm not around to stop him that's why he kept on calling, about my where about (where I am/was)but Thanks God he didn't succeed, in his theft or robbery to keep the amount (money) and take the cabinets back also. When I came home found out that he offered $500 to the workers, who were fixing the house, to let him take all the cabinets without informing me, but they refused, to take bribe (for that I'm happy that workers are/were honest).
Ivan (Luvii cabinets) called me latter but I was busy I told him I'll call him back. I called him back at about 6 pm he offered no sorry or apology but said come to my store and I credit you back the money but only the credit card money which was $4850 no mention of cash which he took, so I said no Ivan (Luvii cabinets) if you want your cabinets back you have to give me all the money you took $6600 and I'll not come to your office, but bring the money to the police station in Des Plaines, then I'll give you back your cabinets. He said no in my office to that I said you didn't leave me a choice it has to be there (police station). In response he started threatening me, so I hanged the phone. After that he called me next day or so many times I answered 2 or 3 times when he started threating me and my family, cursing, yelling, using bad language saying U watch out I’ll take care of you many other profanities.
So I went to Des Plaines police station around 10 am explain to them the whole story, officer said yes we know that police was called for the same situation. They said he didn’t do anything yet, so we cannot do anything but if he does anything, then we can do something. One of the officers was nice he told me give him Ivan’s phone, which I did and he called Ivan and told him that I’m in front of him also if you want to fix the problem, with Mohammad come to the police station, also not to make any calls or contact with Mohammad after today, come and fix the problem, after that officer gave me his card and said anything happen call police and tell them my name this way they know that this matter was in front of us, before. I was there (police station) at 4pm for 2 hours and Ivan didn’t show. Officer tried to call him 3 to 4 times but he didn’t answer, officer told me, Mohammad go home I don’t think he’s coming.
He (Ivan) called me, that Cabinet Company in Melrose Park from where he bought the cabinets for me, is suing him (Ivan) for the money please help me, I told him I paid for cabinets already, I got messed up by you, you tried to cheat me and tried to take the cabinets even after paid in full and now you need my help, and I hanged up the phone. But he called me many times and said sorry and other stuff; in the end I sent him the pic’s of the cabinets, which I took in Aug, which shows Cabinets and what’s wrong with them. After getting the pic’s, He called and said thanks; you are a great guy Mohammad I’m sorry for the trouble I gave to you.
He called me again on Nov 16th 2010 very politely, never heard him this polite, and said how you are, my buddy. I never saw a guy like you Mohammad, you did good bye me. I screwed you I know; still you forgave me, thanks for that. I and my wife speak of you Mohammad very highly. Hay buddy I just need one more favor, from you in return whatever you ask me, I do it for you. I asked him what for Ivan that he replied that can you (Mohammad) take the complaint from the internet, which I have against him. I said no, I can’t do that.
He said please buddy. I told him let me think I’ll let you know.
He called me about five times in two days again for same thing; I told him tomorrow I’ll give you the answer. So next day I wrote him an e-mail.
Sent: Mon, Nov 07, 2011 11:38 AM
I thought of this problem for which you called me many times, to delete my letter of complaint against you (Lavii Cabinetry) from the internet. This can be done after you fulfill these things.
1, A letter saying that when you try to take the cabinets when I (Mohammad) was not present even when they were paid in full was a mistake on yours (Lavii Cabinets) part and wrong.
2, As I told you I spent $2200 to fix some of the cabinets (color matching(cause I got 3 different colors of cabinets), scratches fixing, doors fixing, cutting to make them same in sizes and buying extra stuff which was missing ). I'm not asking you for the full amount but half ($1100) of it cause part it was my mistake also that when you brought cabinets I should have opened the boxes and checked them.
If you want to do this then I'll take the complaint from the internet sites.
Mohammad Shahid.
After getting that e-mail he called and said ok I’ll do that but take the complaint off first and then I’ll pay you in installments. I told him no you have to furnish both steps 1 and 2 (letter and money) first then I’ll take the complaint off. After that he never called me back for anything.
Got a letter today (Jan 4th 2013), to find out, that Ivan (Laviicabinetry) after one and a half year suing me for $6829.

Offender: Kitchen Cabnitery (Lavii Cabintery)
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 3228 W Fullerton Ave Chicago IL 60018
Phone: 3129200310

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