Private Collateral Lenders
Private Collateral Lenders - Has NO Money, NO Collateral, NO Assets

This is scam.

I do verily believe that Private Collateral Lenders Corporation is using the veil of the BBB as a means to defraud and individuals and corporations of significant sums of money under the guise of underwriting.

A formerly incarcerated and acknowledged ‘former’ clergyman using natural healing as a front with the beneficiary of ‘all’ profits of PCLC going to charity -- although altruistic and well meaning -- these are not elements of lending or underwriting.

These are ruses are to establish trust and credibility -- but the delivery of ‘underwriting’ is nebulous at best, and even fraudulent as evidenced by this claimant as well as other claimants on file.

Private Collateral Lenders Corporation is neither licensed and acting legally -- functioning through a licensed broker Mr. Peter Santin under the guise of ‘underwriting’ .

With high upfront fees, assured funding, and pro-porting to have a network of high net-worth ‘Class B’ shareholders with nearly unlimited financial resources -- the story is very appealing.

Private Collateral Lender Corporation claim they can insure the funds, and thereby guarantee funding. Then, adding a plethora of carefully worded and misleading Statutory Declarations to verify their business credibility,

The tactics are carefully construed, conveyed strategically, yet in the end, the essential fabric of a financially sound lending entity is false.

Funding is rarely delivered, as there is always an issue, an error, or a fault on behalf of ‘the applicant’.

The upfront fees are NOT returned and to get them back from PCLC involves a lengthy legal process where a settlement is likely -- PCLC, holding a significant upfront fees can easily margin the legal costs against the fees obtained, and placate (blame) to exhaustion.


Structurally, the company is unsustainable. Mr. Santin is the only arm of Private Collateral Lenders corporation and is, at best, positioned to only act as a broker and (perhaps) advance deals on a “best efforts basis”.

This duality as a broker and shareholder is a conflict of interest.

Dr. Osborn Is a very weak figurehead for a company involved in high level finance. Perhaps her doctorate degree in ‘gymnastic healing’ might serve the front of the org, but this facade is only a ruse to establish credibility.

Charles ‘Weird Bird’ McPherson (see head dress) likes to dress up in different costumes.
Sometimes an Indian with head dresses. Sometimes a clergyman (see neck collar).

All of these are very amusing, and somewhat paradoxical to the clear methodologies of high finance and lending. The fundaments are not here.

I would draw your attention to an e-mail by Mr. Charles when pushed to the crux of a funding commitment -- PCLC has NO assets, NO funds, never had and never will.

This is a blatant statement. In review, could it be demonstrated that Private Collateral Lenders is a sham?

For all who read this, please recognize that the BBB is not a regulatory agency.

They will ensure that this letter and our statement of claim is registered and that these matters are being aware for all.

We have lost in excess of $240,000 -- and hundreds of thousands more in lost time and opportunity costs waisting time with these jokers. A fully binding legal agreement, with full conditions waived, was simply discarded.

Our request for arbitration completely ignored.

We have found that others have also suffered similar plight. We have references.

This is kind of business being conducted by PCLC stating the umbrella of the BBB -- there are some serious problems within the org.


In my opinion, If you are considering dealing on any level with Private Collateral Lenders Corporation - Don’t Walk! Run!

These schmucks out of Edmonton are vacant.

Offender: Private Collateral Lenders
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Edmonton t5p 4m8 Canada
Phone: 7804293273

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