Bethany Luthern Village/Graceworks
For a mere 13 thousand dollars a month my brother got a staph infection, the wrong diagnosis and had malnutrition!!!!

My brother was taken out of Bethany Lutheran Village/Graceworks by ambulance on December 8th 2013 because they said he needed to see a surgeon....they said it was urgent and the hospital was advised yet they didn't transport him for two hours. When he got to the hospital and they took off the small sized TET stockings of a brittle diabetic and I found his left foot full of ulcers and his middle toe was so infected when the podiatrist opened it up he pulled out most of the bone and this was caused by MRSA. I had told the facility for three months that he needed to see a podiatrist every month....I reminded them several times, and then one day I heard the podiatrist was there and still after they had promised that the doctor had signed the order for him to see the podiatrist the doctor left without seeing him. I asked the nurse and she said the doctor hadn't signed off on him and he would be back in a month and if he had time he would look at my brother.

I called the administer and left a message telling him how upset I was by ignoring his many conditions and that I was worried about his feet. I had not seen his feet at that time because of his TET stockings that were almost always filthy but I had been taking care of my brother for five years and knew he needed to be watched carefully also I knew the pressure stocking were dangerous but was ignored. My brother called me and told me the administrator had come to see him, looked at his feet said that this was a result of bad circulation and they intended to do a Doppler that evening. The Doppler was done, they left him laying on his bed with no dinner (he is a diabetic remember) no way to get to his walker and after an hour of his bell ringing he called me, he had soiled his blanket and was stuck. I called the front desk and finally after 5 full minutes someone answered the phone, I could hear the call bell going off in the distance. I told the aide of my brothers predicament and she said it was his fault, he should of used his call button and I stated calmly that I could hear the call light in the background. She then stated that they had been busy and finally they took care of my brother.

This happened on a Friday night and on Monday morning they had their nurse practitioner come in to see him (she had suppose to see him over a week and a half ago before that for skin irritations on his back. Once he was in the hospital he was admitted and tests proved he was malnourished, had MRCA and the doctors felt the TET stockings could of caused some of the blood flow problems.

Having my brother in this super expensive care facility has been a nightmare, my brother is in a new care facility and is finally safe.

Offender: Bethany Luthern Village/Graceworks
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 6451 Far Hills Ave Dayton OH 45459-2792 Miami
Phone: 9374332140

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