Talbert Medical Group
medical negligence

I became a member of this medical group in 2009 and was immediately referred to obgyn for Women's issues. I had extreme cramping and pain during it as well as excessive bleeding. I saw two nurse practitioners whom ordered ultrasound and tests to test if I was anemic. When test showed nothing conclusive, I was given different types of birth control pills which did not help. I requested a D&C which helped in the past as well as exploratory surgery since I suspected endometriosis. I was denied this and given a Tylenol 3 for pain for 3 months, at which time she refused to find the problem or help with pain control. In 2012, when I saw am actual obgyn that believed me and removed my uterus, he found scar tissue all over the left side and diagnosed endometriosis. There was nothing that could be done because it was so advanced if they tried to remove it, it could just be replaced with more. If theses women had listened to me, I could have had a chance to have endometriosis burned off, because of their negligence I will live in pain for the rest of my life.

In 2010 I went to a family party and got drunk. A few days later I went to Talbert Urgent Care complaining of back pain and stomach pain. The doctor was warm and seem concerned, which is truly a rarity at this place. She diagnosed me with UTI and a back strain, and prescribed a antibiotic and a muscle relaxer. In the following week I started experiencing rapid heart beat, high fevers, vomiting, chills, yellow complexion, extreme back and stomach pain. I went back to Urgent Care and saw a compassionless jerk that diagnosis was a UTI, I complained about pain and he relished telling me he would not give me pain medication, only antibiotics again. Another week went by and the symptoms just worsened, and I called and made an appointment with my primary. During the appointment the doctor refused to listen to my symptoms, or how much pain I was in. He kept insisting it was a UTI, even though I had gone through two rounds of antibiotics, or what I could keep down. I told him something is seriously wrong because I had lost 14 pounds and in horrible pain. He yelled at me for not going to get an ultrasound. I left in tears. The monster refused to prescribe pain medication, or even investigate my symptoms further, I had another prescription for antibiotics. Two days later, my boyfriend took me to the ER and I had pancreatitis and would have died that night if I had not gone. The nurses was marveling that I was still conscious! I stayed in the hospital for five days and never received even an apology from my doctor or that health organization. I went to one more appointment with a new doctor who accused me of being an alcoholic, because it is so rare to get pancreatitis from just getting drunk one time. I never went back and made a complaint about that doctor as well as mine. I was never told if any discipline action was taken.

My health because of their neglect of my health has been seriously effected. I have had another pancreatitis attack and nobody knows why and I will always be susceptible to them. I am in constant pain because of the endometriosis and now stomach problems, or IBS which is severe. I blame this on them not listening to me, and not taking my request seriously. Pain is your bodies way of telling you something is wrong, and theses doctors ignored that. This medical facility is dedicated to making the most profits at the cost of their patients health and well being. Doctors refuse to take the time needed to properly evaluate a patient. Obviously, my doctor is so incompetent he cannot tell the difference between a minor illness and a life threatening one. I hope one day he is treated in the same disregard I was treated, and so he can experience how I felt.

Offender: Talbert Medical Group
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1236 North Magnolia Ave Anaheim CA 90630 714
Phone: 9951000

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