Ihop Jackson Tn.
Didsnt know how to deal with a dispute on a special needs childs orde

Was putting in order and I have a 20 year old that is special needs that loves grilled cheese and waitress said she could not order off the kids menu and we where willing to pay the extra for it as and adult plate but said its not like she cant order something else to eat and my child started crying cause she didn't under stand why she couldn't have it . So then she told the manager we wanted to talk to him and his arragete self came over and made the waitress look like a fool by telling us it was on the menu as and adult plate when the waitress had said it wasn't and said she could have it after we had ordered her something else that she did not eat. After he left the table we looked on the menu and it is not as on there as an adult meal so he lied to us and made the waitress look stupid.. I suggested they should treat special needs kids different than adults because she does not have the mind of and adult and doesn't eat as much as and adult. The waitress did appoligize. But it still hurt see you child hurt cause she didn't understand and the the cashier I explained to him and then we left and he didn't realize that the next guy in line was with us and he made the remark that it aint that big of a deal and he came out and told me so I went back in mad and hurt that they would treat a special needs chid like that and told them until you have a child like her you would never understand . I left pissed , hurt angry and could not believe we were treated like this and then I called them to speak to someone higher than them and the chasier begged me to forgive him and I do but all your employees need to know how to deal with special needs children they have feeling just like anyone else . The manager lied and did not handle this well at all by making the waitress look like and idiot .I was not trying to get it cheaper just trying to order what she liked to eat and was willing to pay the price I needed to for it.

Very upset and hurt,
Patty mckeel

Offender: Ihop Jackson Tn.
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 9 stonebridge Blvd jackson 38305
Phone: 7316603440

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