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Poor Service, Rip Off

I would like to complain about www.weblinkindia.net a web design firmed based at Delhi, India.
I had given weblink India a website to design since November 2009. The person in contact with me there, is a boy called 'Imran Mirza'. I am waiting for my website for 9 months now, and till today they have not been able to give me a completed website in proper working state. As we are a company outsourcing projects from India, we have a total of 4 website project given to them and till now only 1 website is live, but still it was with several mistakes and after several days of complaints I was able to get my website at list 90% done as per our request. But still for a new website there are still some broken link, and till now we are waiting as everyday he will say tomorrow.

I had paid 50% deposit at first, and one day Imran got in touch with me that he needs to achieve his monthly target, and to do him a favor and pay the remaining 50% and he will have my website done and online in 5 days. After making the payment, till now these website are not online and i had to spend lots of money on phone calls that by now it may have reached to one website cost. Sometimes he will cut my call, daily I would be after those people and it's really very bad service from such a big company as weblinkindia.net

This Imran Mirza will send me email that my website will be ready after a week, one time he says he will give me the link after 2 hours, 15 mins, next day, my emails are full of these lies and all the email proof I have. One time he even requested me that he has opened a paypal account and to make a payment to his personal paypal account only for him to test his paypal account, and that he will speak to his accounts people to remove this amount on my invoice. I refused to pay so much, and as a test I agreed to make only USD 10. This shows that weblinkindia.net management is not at all to the level and even the staff can benefit on the company in such ways. I'm really fed up with the services received from weblinkindia.net my clients website is still pending with them. We planned SEO promotion of more than USD 15,000 and growing and we definitely cannot do with this type of company. Weblinkindia.net has a very good portfolio, but somehow I don't know how they had reached so low. They don't know how to keep a customer for long term. They ruin India's reputation in the IT field. When you ask for contacts of the manager to complain, so many stories he will give and get nothing. On their website there are no places to go that a pissed customer can link directly to the top management, this company simply let it's marketing people do as they wish. I feel the Management should be fully involved, and not let those young employees try to fool them by being the bosses pet. This is what I felt during the 9 months with weblinkindia.net the Manager will see them bringing so much money in, but they don't look at the back end service for keeping the customer happy.

I will never recommend this company to any foreign companies. After you pay weblinkindia.net your don't get the service, when I first dealt with them, I had so many times requested them for a contract so that I can bring more customers to them Imran will say tomorrow, day after, then I realise they are not companies looking for long term relationship so being a company outsourcing website design from India we had felt it's very hard to work with weblinkindia.net specially as our targeted website design can be minimum 15 customers needing website per month, and expect to grow in the months to go.

So please I suggest foreign and even Indian companies to avoid this web design firms. There are alot of good design firms in India, even if it's a very small firm, what matters is the service, and the response time and getting the job done on time. You are free to try them, but never say that you had not been warned. I even made a search just now for complaints and came across another series of complaints against weblinkindia.net if you want tos ee some more complaints made by others, I found this link. Please check below:

kindly check out this link:


Offender: Weblink India
Country: USA   State: All USA

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