Jets Pizza
FOOD POISINING - 2nd Time Around?

DECEMBER 2012 - Gave my 15 year old a birthday party. Ordered (2) Hawaiian square and (2) Pepperoni pizzas from Jet's in Madison Heights. Mainly the Pepperoni pizza was eaten by the kids, with only a few slices eaten from the Hawaiian. During the party, two kids became ill and left early. After the party, I wrapped and dispensed the remaining Hawaiian pizza and birthday cake to guests, leaving a small amount for my daughter. Later that night, my daughter became ill. The following day, received calls from two parents asking if anyone complained about becoming ill. I couldn't confirm whether it was the Hawaiian pizza, breadsticks or sauce that made them sick. The cake, ice cream and wings were excluded because I ate them without a problem. The culprit appeared to have been the Jet's Hawaiian pizza, breadsticks or the sauce.

MAY 2013 - Failing to remember the incident from December, my daughter and I were hungry and wanted pizza. We both agreed on a small, Hawaiian pizza so I ordered it from Jet's. Fortunately, my 80 yo mother who is in failing health didn't eat the pizza, because that evening going and going into the morning, my daughter and I both were ill vomiting and with diahrrhea. Unclear if the problem at the Madison Heights location is the products being shipped, or the unruly, untrained food handling staff that works there.

I will never again order from any Jet's Pizza.

Also, are you aware that food handling classes are no longer required in the state of Michigan? Only the supervisor/manager has to be trained, and that person is responsible for training their staff? What a recipe for disaster. This now explains the cause of so many food born illnesses people are getting from restaurants.

Offender: Jets Pizza
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 2237 Moore Rd. #9, Lincoln Park MI 48146
Phone: 3137721046

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