Jiffy Lube
Manger Questionable practices

Hi I would like to file a complaint on a Darrell Broom at Jiffy Lube at 900 W 5th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43212.

Jan 16th

I went into the shop today to get my oil changed and was greeted by who I think may have been the manager. His name was Darrell. He greeted me then, I told him I needed to get an oil change and he explained to me that it would be a wait so I was ok with that. I explained to him that would not be a problem. At this time I was just going on my lunch and really needed an oil change so I didn't mind. I gave him my name and told him I would be sitting out in my car, which was a Gold Lexus.

About five minutes later he came out to my car and told me he could change my oil and do the maintenance for free if I would give him my number and allow him to take me out on a date. I told him I would pass because, I am a happily married woman and he explained that he was in a relationship too but what they don't know wont hurt. I explained to him I'm not a cheater and if interested I would let him know. He proceeded to tell me how beautiful I was and that he hasn't seen a woman as beautiful as myself in a long time. I told him thank you but that I thought he needed to get back to work since they were busy. He asked me if I would be free at all after I get off and that he could possibly make up an excuse to get off of work.

I felt for this to be a professional business he was not acting very professional and all and acted more concern in getting to go out with me. I am a Director of a large Corporation here in Columbus and I have never been so dissatisfied with a person who calls their self a manager. I felt as though he was sexually harassing and I do plan on taking this to the top if nothing is done about this situation. The bad part about it I even had a co-worker with me and he didn't seem to care. He had a very arrogant attitude and seem to catch an attitude after I had to get a firmer tone with him. I will never get services at this shop and I will suggest any ladies coming into that shop by their self beware.

I do want something done about this immediately, otherwise I will take further action.

Shantell Jackson

Offender: Jiffy Lube
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 900 W 5th Ave Columbus OH 43212 usa
Phone: 6142999826

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