Holiday City Association Office
' Village of Fools '

Generally speaking, , It seems that so called ' Community Associations ' have over time become entities unto themselves, often being commanded, managed and manipulated by no other than chameleon sociopathic attorneys, professed extortionist administrators, appointed propagandists, thugs, roving spies and burglars posing as neighborhood security, , Disclosures show that these megalomaniacal groups are usually engaged in wholesale fraud, blatant intimidation, graft, bribery, while being in collusion with numerous, criminally linked 'Self aggrandizing Realtors, Politicians, Bankers, Estate Sales Companies, Contractors and Gangs of Hired Felons. . The true self serving nature of this organized crime is an all too familiar story of insulated, shielded protection by Institutional alliances and allegiances via insidious Media supported programs, to include subversion of laws and ethics. . . Living in complacent denial throughout widespread controlled communities, are typically unwary, yet acquiescent senior citizens and retirees , whom by their presumed choices, sought safety in freedom from crime and oppression. . Most would agree however, from an indisputably, historical point of view, that these dominating and controlling entrenched members and majority shareholders will inevitably be driven from their shameful, indefensible authoritarian offices, as they will find more suitable surroundings in State and Federal Prisons. . . Argument to this irrefutable opinion may only originate from those who have contrived and created the quicksands of social and economic despair, to which they have led many thousands of innocent decent taxpayer citizens .

Offender: Holiday City Association Office
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Toms River NJ 08757

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