GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries
7th Complaint Against: Breeder: Jackie Springfield Cattery

7th Complaint Against: Breeder: Jackie Springfield
Cattery: Cat Charm & Gail Ray Catteries
Address: 203 Cloern Avenue City: Earlington, Ky 42410
Phone: 270-383-3577/270-452-1141
Complaintant: Amber M Cohea Date: 11/7/05

What would Satisfy Complaint
My papers or a refund

Hello my name is Amber M Cohea. I have had a very bad experience with Jackie Springfield 203 Cloern Ave Earlington, KY 42410 270-383-3577 270-452-1141.

I now know everything listed about Jackie Springfield on this website is so true. BEWARE BEFORE YOU PURCHASE A CAT FROM JACKIE SPRINGFIELD.

I will tell you why. I purchased a calico female Sphynx kitten named Claire June 26, 2005. I bought this kitten just as a pet only for my 2 ½ year old daughter Ginger. I think having a cat in the house without the fur is awesome. I drove to Evansville Indiana and picked Claire up in person at a Pilot truck stop just off of the turnpike.

She came to me in good health. I got her home and was not concerned with the papers at this time she was my only inside pet and I planed to just keep her as a pet.

On around July 8, 2005 Jackie contacted me by phone and asked if I would be interested in buying a red male Sphynx from her. The lady who was supposed to buy him decided she did not want hi! m and backed out on the deal. He was not from the same litter nor did he have the same sire or queen.

I advised her I do not have that kind of money that I had to take a loan out for the first kitten, she said ok just think about it and let me know. This was very early in the morning on July 8, 2005. Jackie called back a few hours later and said she had been thinking and If I would buy him she would give me full breading rights to both kittens because she would love to do some trading of kittens some time. I still said I did not have the money.

Not realizing there was a reason she was trying to get rid of this kitten. She said well talk to your husband and call me back. She was vary pushy. She is very good. She is a con and I do not know how she sleeps at night. I spoke to my husband and he said NO way we do not have the money.

So I called her back and told her sorry, but my husband would not agree to the purchase. She said she would give me $200.00 off the purchase price of t! he kitten since the lady who was supposed to buy him did not get him so she lost her deposit of $200.00.

I went with out my husbands approval and got a cash advance off of a credit card and agreed to purchase the red male Sphynx Gage. The agreement was I would purchase him and she would give me full breeding rights to both kittens and help me start a breeding program. I will never run a program like hers. She is dishonest.

Gage arrived on July 11, 2005 on Delta airlines. He was ok at first just a little eye drainage. Within a day or two he began to sneeze. I thought it was allergies. I called my vet and he said if the other kitten was ok not to worry it probably was just allergies. Ten days or so later Claires eyes started to drain and matt up.

Then she also started to sneeze and then they both started coughing. I took them both to the vet July 26, 2005. They both had ear mites and upper respiratory infection. I did not think to much about it. I got meds and went home. I got ! rid of the ear mites, but the upper respiratory keeps coming back. My vet said It is probably genetic and that Gage will keep getting it and it is very contagious so Claire would keep getting it if he stayed sick. I still have no papers it is now November 7, 2005.

I have called her so many times I can not even count, but I have phone records. I started keeping records of everything about two weeks after I had Gage I seen this site and got scared. I told Jackie that my husband told me I got ripped off and he said I would never see the papers. I have her on recording saying I would get my papers for both kittens. I also have a few other phone calls recorded. I have over 25 emails that she very seldom responds to. She keeps blaming it all on TICA

. I call TICA once a week and she has not registered a litter in over 6 months. She says she has sent off for them two time. I guess she needs to register her mail and send me copies of the certified slip. She has got very upset with me l! ike I am asking for to much of her to give me the papers she promised.

I would not have purchased the male kitten Gage had I know I would not be able to breed them so I could possibly have a show kitten out of the litter. I have never shown a cat before, but would love to start. Now I will not be able to. I am still paying on two loans from the purchase. I am glad to have the kittens. I cant even imagine what kind of Cattery she runs. I really love my kittens and would never want someone like her to have them. I call all of the time and she will not answer.

I send emails to her and she does not respond. I am in the process of filing papers in the court to get justice from her. I will se to it that she does not get away with this kind of business. I have posted some proof I have loads more. If you would like more email me at and I will provide you with any of it. I hope she does not get away with this any more.

Offender: GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 201 Richmond Drive Madisonville 42431
Phone: 2708251191
Site: unknown

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