GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries
9th Complaint Against: Breeder: Jackie Springfield Cattery

9th Complaint Against: Breeder: Jackie Springfield
Cattery: Cat Charm & Gailray
Address: 201 Richmond Drive City: Madisonville, Ky
Phone: 270-825-1151
Complaintant: Patricia G Cather
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A refund of my $1300 for the kitten I did not receive and the papers for the cats I did receive Date/Time: 2007-08-17 00:16:43 PDT In June of '05 I sent Jackie a money order for $2,500.00.

It was for two kittens, a blue female and a red male. When they were old enough to be shipped, Jackie requested I wait for another male kitten, her daughter was attached to the one I was to get, so to preserve family harmony,

I agreed. I received one kitten, no papers. And so began a two year attempt to receive my kitten I paid for or my money back. We talked weekly, she had litters, then they all died (so she says). She claimed she bought a new queen and she was sick so it made all her queens sick and consequently, the kittens sick.

In the meantime, a "friend" was getting out of the business and she offered me an adult queen who was bred. I agreed, sent the money and I did receive the cat. I did not receive her registration papers.

I reported this to her and the excuses started. In June of '06, she had a litter which had another red male. I claimed that male. I continued to call and talk about the papers for both cats. They were always lost in the mail, or they didn't send the right ones, blah, blah, blah. In August I called to check on my kitten.

She said he was fine and I said good, ship him. She said she would call me back later. She did not. I called and left messages, they were not returned. If she answered the phone, as soon as she heard my voice, she hung up. She then would not answer the phone at all. I even went so far as to purchase a calling card so my number would not show on caller ID.

As soon as she heard my voice, she hung up. Then she disconnected her home line. In December, I sent a letter, return receipt, asking for a refund of my money within two weeks. I did not hear from her. I contacted my Commonwealth Attorney and he attempted to contact her. She would not return his calls. On his advice,

I made an appointment with an investigator and gave him copies of my emails where we discussed price and number of kittens. He opened a case and was able to track her down. He contacted her and informed her she was being brought up on felony charges of fraud. On Thursday, 16 August 2007, Jackie called me in hysterics. She wanted me to call off the detective. I told her not until I received a refund of $1,300.00. She agreed to refund my money. She asked if she could make payments, I said no

. I wanted the entire amount in one payment. I also said I wanted it sent by MoneyGram so there would be no "lost mail." She asked if I would ask the detective to stop the felony charges if she gave me back my money. I told her I would inform him that she had refunded my money but it was up to the Commonwealth Attorney as to whether the charges would be dropped.

Offender: GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 201 Richmond Drive Madisonville 42431
Phone: 2708251191
Site: unknown

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