Aarons Sales and Lease

East Alton IL store. I was a little late on my last payment. I was told 12 payments. I HAD TO MAKE 13 payments. WHY? I cant get an answer. So my extra paymant was maybe 2 weeks late. Not only was I called "black ass" on my voice mail I was told I was a "3 inch tall boy and not a man". She called an employer I havent worked at since March and said that "she will just keep calling if he didnt give her my new number". They sent a truck A PENSKE TRUCK to my mothers house and a guy is standing in the front yard demanding the items back. Basically calling my 63 year old mother a liar and wouldnt stop asking her when I will be there and for her to get "their stuff". When I called to see what my last payment would be (after many threatening voicemails) Heather wouldnt tell me. I was called more names and she hung up on me. When I called back another lady answered and started going off calling me names. Again I asked 12 times what my last payment was. When I said fine I will just call corporate and get an answer she finally told me. So I hung up and called a different store and the lady was more than professional and she stated that she has heard complaints about that store too. She called to get details on my last payment and it was 9 dollars more than what I was just told. So whatever I paid it over the phone. I have never dealt with such unprofessional ignorant people in my life. They are embarrassing to even be associated with. Believe me I was called a lot more than I mentioned here. But the best one is "you better get your black ass down here"

Offender: Aarons Sales and Lease
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.aarons.com

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