Supper Clu
4/30/2013 I will never attend this club again! I would like to hire an attorney for a lawsuit against this club!

Me and a friend ( both females) drove all the way from Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga. We took the drive on a Tuesday to Hollywood. I went to the Security Guard asked him if he knew Sammie. He says DO I look like a Sammie??? Well, ummmm all I did was ask a question. We were dressed Formally in club attire and the promoter Sammie tells me he will get to me later. He acts like he does not see me. He starts to say Blood this and Blood that to other people in which I guess was his friends/ My question is what type of club is this where you have low class thugs running the promotions. Next when it was an hour later the Security Guard tells us your not getting in thats it thats all. The promoter and security guard randomly pics a few lighter skin females to enter from behind us. Well I spoke to the manager and I would definitely like to speak with the Owner of this club about this situation. I really believe if you have an establishment your business it reflects from the leadership you have running your club. I do not believe it was fair for the security guard to treat us like that. The Promoter is who whispered in the security guards ear to let us know we werent getting in! We were dressed appropriately and this is basically the respect that was given to us after driving this distance. I will never attend this club again! I will definitely let the Community know about the mistreatment. And God will handle the rest. Dont ever forget! How you treat others you shall reap that same judgement! ( I would like to speak to the owner and maybe even an attorney about my emotional distress I really believe it was discrimination) The reason why I choose this word is because the persons running this establishment chooses to pull the females from behind us who was waiting the same time as us. The people over the club continually pulled each person or group of other races out of the line to let them in until we were down to the second to last persons in line! We stood in line an entire hour or two and was downgraded and mistreated. I am not ghetto/ I am not low class/ I have a career with college education I should have not been mistreated. I will be reaching out to an attorney/ and the owner about this situation.

Offender: Supper Clu
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 6675 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA 90028
Phone: 3234661900

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