Without lights for 3 nights

My elderly mother lights were out 3 nights because her neighbor’s tree limb pulled it down. We had it fixed on Saturday 7/6. However, Entergy stated Hinds County requires a sticker. My mother had to go to the court house on 7/8 for sticker after paying $85.00. Sticker placed, but Entergy still refused to turn on lights. Entergy stated something else had to be done. This was done and someone else came out and said something else needed to be fixed. My mother told him this is the 4th night she would be without lights so he cut them on. My mother is elderly, diabetic, has hypertension, and breathing problems. Of course, she could have left home but refused because she was afraid someone would break in home and steal everything. Entergy need to find a solution for the weekend and holidays if this is a new requirement. Also entergy had someone out several months looking and trimming trees from powerline. I can not understand why this tree was not trimmed because it is right over the powerline. My mother requested the line be moved because she can not afford to pay this everytime it rains and storms because her neighbor's tree need to be cut down. My mother's address is 1271 S. Stewart Drive, Terry, MS 39170. Also when Entergy first came out my mother should have been told what was required and the electrician could have done everything that was required at one time. Last Hinds County said that this new requirement is from Entergy, but when my mother called Entergy, they said it was a requirement from Entergy. Somebody is lying. My mother should have not have gone through this and all customers need to be aware of this policy. I am requesting a policy or where one can be found about this new requirement.

Offender: Entergy
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: P.O. Box 8104 Baton Rouge 70891
Phone: 18002613263
Site: www.entergy.com

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