Dissatisfied Customer from Egypt - C250

Dear Sir/Madam,
Allow me to express my complete dissatisfaction regarding your Daimler Egypt branch as well as the service center ECC in Abu Rawash, Giza, Cairo. Obviously they both are working closely towards their favor and covering each other mistakes. The last thing they do is satisfying Mercedes-Benz Customers. Please consider the below as a formal case that needs comprehensive investigation.
Concluding my miserable experience as follow:

• First Service Center ECC:
Despite of the obvious disorganization and the poor technical experts they have, I have two main complains:
1. Since more than a year, I have an issue with the car performance. The issue is that there is a stitching/trembling in the car (sudden unsmooth movement in the car acceleration as if the car is jogging, but not regular) when I press on the acceleration pedal. I complained this issue to ECC Abu Rawash Giza more than 4 times and had the same answer “we put the car on the check-up machine/device which reports that everything is ok in your car”. Last service (four months back), the service center manager asked me to leave the car for a complete day to try it. I left the car and he tried it, eventually he told me “nothing unordinary happened to the car when I tried it”, but unfortunately the issue still occurred.
2. Last month, my car was there for 10 days due to an accident meanwhile conducting the regular service. After I got the car and this was on one Thursday 5:00PM, I discovered that the “mouse controller” isn’t working properly as it was before sending it to the service. Given that fact that Fridays and Saturdays are weekends in Egypt, on Sunday morning I informed them about this issue and they requested to send the car again on Monday. We had a prolong discussion, ended up by refusing to fix this issue unless I pay for it. The thing is that I am not responsible for this issue as the car was working properly before handing it to them and I am confirming that I found this issue from the moment I left the service center on Thursday, but they leave the center at 5:00PM that’s why I reported it next working day.

• Second Daimler Egypt:
Either in the first issue or second issue mentioned above, I didn’t receive a single call from the esteemed Daimler branch in Egypt. Every time, they just send an email directing me back to the same service center that I am complaining from.
What drove me crazy is that in the second issue (the mouse controller), they didn’t bother themselves to contact the frustrated customer (as they did ignore in the first issue and sent me back to the service center that failed for the second consecutive time in resolving my first outstanding issue; the car jogging issue that still occurs), listening only to ECC version of the story, and finally took their decision (covering ECC obvious fault) before even contacting me. What a great Daimler Egypt “Customer Relationship Management” team!

I am waiting for your immediate action in rectifying the situation.

Offender: Daimle
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Mercedesstrasse 137 Stuttgart 70327 Germany
Phone: 49711170
Site: www.daimler.com

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