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I purchased my 2008 Honda Accord in December 2007, and I must say I have been disappointed with the car since then. This was my first Honda and I don’t think we would buy another Honda again or recommend this car to any of our friends or family.

In less than five years and just over 100K; my paint is coming off, I had issues with my breaks that I had to change 4 times so far, my car has been making really loud noise when you first start it in the morning and I was only told today after the warranty is done that it’s a VTC issue, bad oil consumption and last but not least my leather on the hand rest ripped.

We’ve owned multiple different brands and this is the only car that gave us this much trouble from day one. I’ve taken my car to Mississauga Honda for yet another break change and was told to contact you regarding the oil consumption issue since it’s a known issue with this model.

I called your customer relations (which were very rude and not willing to help) and I was told to wait 5 days until a decision is made regarding covering the cost this was back in October 2013. I waited the 5 days and no one got back to me so I called again 4 times until I was finally told that I have to show my receipts for oil changes for the past 5 years in January…..3 months later . Unfortunately, I haven’t kept my receipts and when I called Walmart to get a copy they told me that they changed their system and no longer have a copy of my receipts. When I called Honda Canada once again to let them know they said there is nothing they can do about it. My frustration here is that even though Honda Canada is fully aware of this issue and have seen cars that have been well maintained have the same issue, then they should be able to fix the car regardless if I have my receipts or not. My car has always been well maintained and serviced on time and so I asked them to check the computer in my car to see how many times it was serviced and they said they are unable to do that.

My expectation from such a big company is to have great customer service and assist customers as much as possible, however, with Honda I found the complete opposite, service was very poor. I spoke with Jennifer, first time I called and told her I didn’t have my VIN number since the car is at the dealer and I asked her if she can look me up any other way and the answer was “NO, you need your VIN”, I then called my dealer got the VIN and called again and this time George spoke with me and asked me where I bought the car from and I said I don’t remember the dealership’s name but it’s in North York, can you pull this information up from my file? and he said “well if I can do that I wouldn’t have asked now would I!”. Final conversation with Tarik, he was yelling and told me there is nothing he can do to assist. Again, very poor customer service and it’s very disappointing.

Offender: Honda Canada
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Toronto Ontario - Canada

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