W221 gearbox total failure

I sent the following e-mail.
To whom it may concern,
I am the owner of the Mercedes car
chassis number : WDD 221 022 2A 065218 3
Engine number : 642930 40 186251
I was very unfortunate with the above car. Although I followed maker’s recommendations with regard to driving and services , the car suffered many particular damages as follows.
1. SUNROOF. In 2010 it failed without a particular reason or warning and I had to replace it at a cost of E 1.510,00
2. FRONT RIGHT WINDOW. In 2013 it remained shut and the associated computer unit had to be replaced at an additional cost of E 370,00.
3. ENGINE TROUBLE. In 2013 the engine orange alarm gave warning and after taking the car to your local agent several times, not having the car available for about a week, a pressure switch was replaced at a cost of E 320,00.
4. GEARBOX ETC. On 19/12/13 at the end of a highway the car went to free wheel. No previous warning, nothing. It was taken to your local agent and after they contacted Mercedes Germany they informed me that the gearbox itself, its computer and the converter have to be replaced at a considerable cost. Who is responsible for this? In my view, the poor quality controls of the manufacturer. If it is something else please tell me.
I understand your local agent contacted you for a compensation to the pending cost. You may feel the car is not under guarantee. From my side, I believed I had purchased a reliable car that would not give me problems and extra costs. I had the car under comprehensive superior insurance, which does not cover mechanical damages. There is no insurance in Cyprus to cover mechanical damages. If the above damages were caused by my negligence or mishandling of the car or any other cause from my side, I would have not addressed this letter to you.
However, if the roof of my house had fallen on my head I would immediately contact the architect although it is not under his guarantee.
I therefore ask you to kindly consider the extraordinary problems I experienced on my car and compensate to the cost I am about to pay for the current damage.

Looking forward to a favorable reply,

Offender: Daimle
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Mercedesstrasse 137 Stuttgart 70327 Germany
Phone: 49711170
Site: www.daimler.com

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