Fraudulent behavio

I recently made a hotel reservation through the website I have been terribly disappointed in how they operate.

I reserved a hotel on the 19th, with a rate that was less than the hotel would have charged, so I thought. When I got my confirmation, I ended up paying more per night than I would have if I had make the reservation directly with the hotel. This website charges hidden fees that they don't disclose to the customer hoping that they won't figure it out, I guess. I did my research after I had made the reservation when I realized what had happened. In addition, they charged my credit card the full amount without any notice on the website that this was a prepaid reservation. I didn't find out until I call their customer service.

I called to make a change to the reservation, (the cancellation policy on the site said that I have until Feb. 23rd for any changes or cancellations). At first they were telling me that I couldn't because it was prepaid. After lots of complaining, they did finally, after 3 days, give me a credit for one nights stay. That was like pulling teeth.
Then, when I figured out that I was paying way more per night than the hotel would have charged (including taxes and fees), I called again to see why. They tell me that since I am not staying 5 nights that the rate changed, which was not correct because I could have reserved for the same rate on the website with less days. Basicly, they are tacking on hidden fees and not telling their customers. They are not a reliable source nor are they honest.

I want to make sure that other people don't fall into the same trap. They are doing illegal practices that, unfortunately, I didn't figure out until after I made the reservation. I could cancel but I booked the last room in the hotel and I would take the risk of not getting a room their. There aren't many hotels available for that week (Spring Break)

I am hoping that somehow other review sites for websites will get this information so that people will not use them as a source.

I am going to have to live with the results, but I still don't trust them even with the credit and reservation change. If I have more trouble, I will be back.

Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: MN

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