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uncookable Velveeta Shells & Cheese (Easy Mac) four-pack - Velveeta Shells & Cheese (Easy Mac) four-pack

I normally really love this product, but that last 4-pack I had seemed to be uncapable of cooking correctly in the microwave. Each individual cup within the 4-pack ended up being undercooked with the noodles (shells) being crunchy. I tried a few different things, but all ended with the same result. I'm not writing so much to complain, but just to point it out as I have always enjoyed this same product in the past. I hope that I just ended up with a bad batch, but I'm not sure.

My strategies:
1. followed the instructions specifically with microwave #1
2. followed the same instructions with microwave #2 but added water to be just over the line
3. followed the same instructions with microwave #2 with extra water and allowing the noodles to soak for 30 minutes before microwaving (I have extra time, so it was no big deal).
4. using microwave #1, added extra water, over the line, and microvwaved for 2 minutes, less than what was instructed.

I hope this helps and hopefully I'm not wasting anybody's time.

(still) loyal custome

Offender: Kraft foods
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