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Aldo-Racist Employees or....

I've always had a great experience with Aldo employees until I decided to walk in there with my sweats on. When I entered the store the employees did greet me and another Black female customer (professionally dressed) at the same time, so I'm not sure if the employees thought we were together and that is why I was ignored, but the following situation did occur. As the manager-(1st employee) helped the 1st black lady, I stood at the register and waited for someone to acknowledge me. Their was only 1 customer in the store and their were 3 employees that I saw. The 2nd employee was already helping the customer, who was there before me. The 3rd employee mainly walked back and forth and never helped anyone. The manager told the 1st black lady to hold on and never came back to assist her. The 1st black lady waited for about 5 more mins and finally gave up and left. I then walked closer to the register. Instead of the manager assisting me she started to help the other employee with the 1st customer. So this 1 customer now had 2 employees helping her. As more customers started to enter the store, the employees addressed them promptly and asked them if there was anything they needed help with. The manager begins to help another customer, while the 2nd employee starts to just rearrange shoes. So 2 other customers our helped before me and I have been standing at the register for over 5 mins. I finally walked away from the register and asked the employee who was just rearranging shoes to help me. It took her 2 diff times before she found the item that I just called about less than 30 mins ago. The purse was still in plastic wrapping-she never asked me if I wanted to open the plastic to see it or anything. I just went ahead and bought it and turns out it has the wrong accents on it. I'm not sure if it was a racial thing b/c all of the customers who received speedy service were white and the only 2 customers who were ignored were black or if it had anything to do with my bummy attire and they thought I had no cash. Either way the service was horrible and I will only be going back there if those particular associates are not working.

Offender: Aldo Shoes
Country: USA   State: All USA

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