Target #1376
Target's ID policy is an invasion of privacy - Non-alcoholic beverage or any product Target wants..

Went to my local Target to pick up a few items. Included was a six pack of Sharp's non-alcoholic beer. The register prompted the clerk to check ID. I'm 52, but I pulled it out and showed it to him. He said he had to scan the bar code on the back of it. In this age of identity theft, I'm very particular about such things. I asked to see the manager thinking he would over ride the register. After all, it is non-alcoholic. But Bill said he could not over ride company policy. I explained that state law only dictates proof of age, not scanning all of my personal info into their computer system for all to see. But apparently common sense is not part of Target's company policy. Not only that, while waiting on Bill, the clerk told me they are required to scan ID's for cough syrup or any product with a trace of alcohol in it. Simply put, this policy contradicts my, and all of my families conservative values. I would not submit to this invasion of privacy if I were buying alcohol, let alone anything else. To my knowledge, no other company attempts to do this. There is absolutely no reason for Target to enter my personal info into their system. Unless they have some ulterior motive, and they must or they wouldn't be doing it. Needless to say, I got a refund for my other purchases and proceeded to Publix to do my shopping. I am telling my siblings and anyone else I can about this so they don't have their license scanned before they realize what happened. Unless Target does the right thing and eliminates this un-American policy, they've lost considerable business.

Assuming anyone at Target cares and would like to contact me, I'm leaving my email address.

Offender: Target #1376
Country: USA   State: All USA

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