washer would not work on agitator cycle; other cycles worked - Frigidaire stackable washer/drye

Bottom Line: I fixed the problem with a piece of electrical tape!

We called Sears Service called because washer would not agitate. He ordered a lock lid switch which had to come from Hialeah, Fl. A week later, the part was replaced and washer worked for 5 loads before the same problem surfaced. The tech came back a few days later and told me, without checking the timer, that it had to be the timer because "there was nothing else it could be." Wanted to order the part again from Hialeah for approx. $320. I went online, found the part for approx. $190 from a local parts store and replaced it myself. Fired the washer up, same problem, no agitator cycle. I took the front off the washer to check belts, etc. We put the washer on the agitator cyce, I jiggled a few wires, and the cycle started. I identified the loose wire, taped it so it would not jiggle loose, and the washed has worked fine every since. I paid Sears $284 for the first part and the labor, and I paid $190 for the timer I bought that I did not need (may not have needed the new lock lid switch either). I have written letters to Sears, contacted the local Sears manager in Bradenton, fl and still no results. Customer service does nothing, except put you on hold and not come back, or transfer you to a supervisor who does not answer the phone. One lady asked me to fax her a copy of the receipt for the timer, and told me I would be reimbursed, Another lady gave me a case number and said she would follow up. Has not returned 2 calls I left. This is particularly troublesome because my wife and I purchased $5000 in new appliances from Sears in 2012. This should show how much they care about their customers and their reputation. I gave them an opportunity to fix the problem before I take other action, but evidently they are not interested.

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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