Colour Unique - Debenhams Westfields Shepherd´s Bush London
The worst place that we´ve even been in London - Photo shoot

My friend Adriana and I decided to embark on a new adventure that I would like to call "the never made photo shoot".

I felt attracted by an amazing offer on Groupon for a photo shoot at Color Unique (at Westfields shopping center- in Shepherd´s Bush) long time ago and decided to buy straight away.

By the time I realized we we were approaching the expiring time I phoned them to get an appointment asap (this was approximately a month in advance).
They booked on a day during the week when the place was already closed. We spent an hour on the train and got there but there was no one in there. Even though we were very surprised we thought it could have been a mistake so I gave them a call right after that happened.
When I spoke to the recepcionist (her name CUBA by the way), she apologized about that and squeeze us in the only one slot that she could find on the system - on Sunday 6th October at 11am.
She was not only lying to us but also giving us a time where the shopping center is still closed.... they open at 12am!! (we did not know) so she made the piss once again... I still do not know if she smokes joints on a normal basis or is simply limited..
We waited for an hour and came back to that lovely place on the same day and as expected, the appointment wasn´t on the system so we just came back home and .... of course .... the photo shoot wasn´t made.

As we were quite excited about the offer as well as me leaving the country very soon, I really wanted to make that happen because it was something that my friend and me wanted to do together, even though we were extremely pissed off as well as felt totally fooled since the beginning we wanted to give them the last opportunity.

After being told that they would book us on Thursday 10th 6:30pm for the last time and apologized several times, took the name of the lady as a proof - by the time we got there, the place was already closed and the staff already closed....

The photographer was being fired at that time and the person who booked us for the 3rd time wasn´t there (CUBA), but on her behalf, even better, the manager of the place - a very stylish italian woman but the most useless person that I´ve ever seen in my life.

The said the last appointment that they had was around 4:30 so of course no one booked for us on that day... What that passed through my mind it was that I wanted to fired the place....we spent money on cabs, train and other transportation for nothing...
We will not stop until we get a compensation for this, this cannot be offered to anyone anymore...

Offender: Colour Unique - Debenhams Westfields Shepherd´s Bush London
Country: USA   State: All USA

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