Hanan Badawey

I have contract with AT&T from July 4, 2011.
AT&T make a lot of problems to me, they sent wrong bills, from one year, I discount the sevice, I have family plan with them from one year, I pay $20 for both lines,
I forget to pay my bills on Aug 2013 and Sep 2013, I already change my address, So I did receive any letters from AT&T, and I told that to customer service, they charge me over than I have to pay,
on Aug 2013 AT&T returns the service back to second line without my permissions, plus AT&T charges me $10 for first line, on July 4th, 2013, my contract had been finished with AT&T for first line,
they still charge me $10 on Aug and Sep 2013,
When I saw the invoice and I called them on Sep 2013, AT&T refuses to help me, they told me that they returned the service automatic, and I should call them every 6 months to stop the service, I told them I do not know, I don't use the sevice at all, and I could not speak english well to express well, they refuse to help me at all
I mention issues AT&T did to me

First I called Att on Sep, I told to Customer Service, my total bill include the late fees is $70 for total bills, if I paid it, I am done for my bills, she told me, I Could not

guarantee that, I told her ok, I would pay $43 now then you can transfer me to another person so I would take about the Aug and Sep 2013 bills, She told me ok, she charge me $70 without my permission, I received and saw the email with confirmation number about this payment, I told her to charge me only $43, She deny it, At&t mention on service that you record the call to ensure that customers take their rights,

Second I called At&t 6 to 7 times, no one wants to help me, you charge me for service, I do not use it, it is unfair, on Oct 2013, I want to call the manger and I hope to find some one to help me, AT&T customer service took my phone number, they told me that the manger would call me, but no one call at all

third, I called AT&T to discount the service, so they do not charge me on Oct 2013, byt they cancel the service, they charge me $165 to end the contract, this is unfair, I told them to discount the service, I would pay $10 plus tax to second line untol April 2014, on this month my contract will finish

Forth, I called AT&T to explain, no one want to help me, last time the manger answered, she speaks with me not right way, she loud her voice,

Fifth, by your situation, I lost score on my credit, I already pay every thing to AT&T

Now I need to Investigation abd listen to my calls

My Name is Hanan Badawey
My AT&T Wireless phone is 7147606509
My email is

Offender: AT&T
Country: USA   State: All USA

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