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I had a simple dryer repair that needed to be made. I called Sears Repair and scheduled an appointment. I bought a Sears Product Warranty for the dryer for $206.00 to cover all repair cost. I specifically asked that the technician call my husband's cell number because he was the one that was taking off work. Last year I had my washing machine worked on. The Sears technician was given our house number instead of the cell number to call, so we had to schedule another appointment. My husband was home, but he was outside and expecting the call on his cell. The service center said they would have him call my husbands cell. Thursday arrived and no technician ever called. My husband called Sears Service to find out about the delay. They were calling the house instead of his cell. We rescheduled and asked again that they be sure and have the technician call again. They assured us that they would. It is now the second day that my husband has had to wait for a technician that was never going to arrive. I called Sears Repair at 3:00 today because of no word from Sears. I was told that they called my house three times today, instead of my husband's cell number. Yes, it happened again! I checked my caller ID and I had one call that registered from Miami, Florida. I gave a young lady my husband's cell number again and I was assured that someone would call him within the hour and they would try their best to come out today. If no one contacted him in an hour, I was to call back. One hour later I called back. The reason my husband did not receive the call was because the number was entered incorrectly! So, because of no fault of our own, I still do not have a working dryer. I called and canceled the appointment and requested a refund for the service warranty. I scheduled an appointment with a dealer that is about 30 miles away. I will NEVER, NEVER buy another appliance from Sears. It will also be my new mission to make sure no one else buys one either. Sears has aterrible service department. STAY AWAY FROM SEARS!

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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