In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger took more then my husbands job....they took a piece of him! - Isocyanates

On October 12, 2012 In-N-Out Burger fired my husband claiming he had falsified his time records. They failed to prove that to the California Unemployment Department on two attempts. It was that day that a small piece of my husbands pride, vitality and spirt were taken as well from In- N-Out Burger.
We all have had those jobs where you feel like co-workers and even bosses seem like friends. This was true for my husband especially when it came to his bosses. In fact when ever they heard I was sick they often would call my husband to see how I was doing. My husband would do the same for them with anything that was going on in their lives. When you realize co-workers and bosses really were mot your friends it hurts.
My husband loved his job and the company he worked for. He was proud to work their. He was dedicated for 8 years and planned on retiring their. He took it very hard when he was fired. He was now sick and In-N-Out Burger tossed him in the trash. He felt devastated that a company he thought was a upstanding Christian company with supposedly had values would and could mistreat and dodge all responsibilities.
He was now sick, no insurance, depressed and feeling sad and worthless because he cant provide for his family. On top of that he is dealing with health issues. His lungs are damaged and its hard for him to breathe, He has no access to a doctor or medication as In-N-Out Burger made sure of that. HE fees he will die all the time. He never speaks about but he says it in his words. He is always telling me "you know I love you right"? and "if something happened to me you would fight to keep my son right"? It is a horrible thing to think every time you go to bed you may not wake up.
I want In-N-Out Burger to be aware that they need to step up and take responsibility for their actions and make it right with my husband!

Offender: In-N-Out Burger
Country: USA   State: All USA

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