How Sears Works!

Do not use Sears , you will over pay! First, a salesperson shows up and gets you to watch their powerpoint presentation on their computer to promote the company with misleading slides. Keep in mind that their visit is on average 3 hours. This is by design to wear you down and get you to buy.

If you do decide to use Sears, NEVER buy on the first visit! The salesperson is under high pressure to make the sale because they are 100% commission paid (10% of sale) and the loss of a sale hurts their sales percentage greatly because they grade you ALL the time. They make on average 3 sales calls a day and will fire you pretty quickly if you start losing sales. Think about it, is the salesperson there for your best interest or theirs?

Sears also has what they call "recovery". When you don't buy on the first visit Sears waits about 3 - 4 days and then they call you back asking if a different salesperson can visit you again to offer you a significant discount without saying what the discount is. The salesperson has an additional 20% to play with on this visit and gets 5% of the sale if you buy. The original salesperson does not have this 20% in his pocket to use unless they start giving up some of their 10% commission. This is why they try to get the highest price possible.

Sears promotes that they use "authorized installers" to do the work for you. Sears does not have their own home improvement staff, they sub-contract everything out to YOUR local contractors. This means that you are immediately paying double by going with Sears and getting someone else you don't even expect.

If you do go with Sears have fun trying to get service if something goes wrong. They play "pass the phone" and make you wait days to get your issue fixed.

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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