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First of all I live in BEAUTIFUL & PEACEFUL rural "GOD'S COUNTRY" Swansea, MA; I'm a "native" & this is home.

However, I'm very far from our post office, plus, (...& only for now cuz better days are comin'!!), I also have a wicked VISION DISABILITY that causes a real transportation issue in my life. I SO CAN NOT IMAGINE IT WITHOUT STAMPS.COM FOR SO MANY REASONS!!

If you sign up for this you're a good way!! There's nothing like having an entire post office literally right at your fingertips; I can't begin to tell you how convenient this is, a breeze to use & if you are lucky enough to have Carrier Pickup in your area then you've got the whole package ->No pun intended!!

I so much prefer dealing with the US Postal Service any day, who I was once a Rural Carrier for, and know my mail and packages are safe and being handled carefully than look forward to having many items broken by thrown boxes and careless attitudes with UPS, (yeah, FedEx is ok too). I worked for both USPS and UPS and KNOW what goes on behind the scenes in both cases. The Postal Service is so much more careful and understands what the word "FRAGILE" means.

Anyhow, thankfully if was not tied in with USPS I wouldn't be using it like mad. It's really great if you mail allot of packages from a home business or do allot of selling on eBay, (there's even a special batch feature for this and more)...I just LOVE it!!

And in the event I've needed Customer Service these people are super courteous, professional and get to the crux of the matter in no time when help is needed -> Just give them a call.

If you don't have this software and service I can't tell ya what you are missing especially if you are a high demand user like me. Plus it pays for itself if you are selling on a regular basis and $15.99 per/month is extremely reasonable for getting so much in return.

Don't mean to sound like a bumper sticker but: "I LOVE STAMPS.COM" & Thank you so much!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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