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In March 2011 I re-signed up for eHarmony - a service that I had used successfully in the past. I purchased a 3 month membership, and was charged for the first month upfront (with an agreement to be billed monthly). I immediately attempted to update my profile, since some of my information was outdated - and was surprised to find that I couldn't make any changes at all. When I had been a member in the past, it was under a previous version of their webpage. The web pages either wouldn't load completely or would pretend to save changes, but nothing 'stuck'. I contacted customer support that day, requesting tech support (or a way to use an older version that would work). They were unable to figure out the problem, but offered to make minor changes (like to my 'location' since I had moved), while they tried to make things work.

Over the past month an a half, I have tried everything their tech support suggested - taking hours of my time, without any payoff. Different web browsers, settings, preferences, security levels, everything multiple times (because for some reason, they were unwilling/unable to look through the full email chain). At first I was grateful for the assistance - over time though, it became very frustrating, since nothing was fixed. To be clear - I'm talking about emails with 'suggestions' for me to try every 2 or 3 days for a month.

After I was charged the second monthly installment, I requested a refund. It is unacceptable to charge a second time for a service that hadn't been rendered yet. At first, they acted as though they were taking the situation seriously, but once I requested a refund they changed tactics - stating that if I had wanted a refund, I would have needed to have requested it in the first 3 days after signing up. Because I was willing to work with them to fix a technical issue on their end (I do not have any other websites that I have ever visited with similar issues, and I had always been able to use their site just fine before the change to the most recent version), I am being told that there is nothing that they can do for me.

When I responded that telling me that I couldn't have a refund because I was patient and giving them the benefit of the doubt, they told me that everything is fine on their end, so there obviously isn't a problem - and then condescendingly told me how sorry they were that I was considering leaving the eHarmony 'family' - as if I were deserting them, rather than giving up after being charged twice for a service I had yet to receive.

I requested the name/phone number of a person that *could* help me - and have been waiting over a week for any kind of response.

Once you give these thieves your credit card, you're apparently out of luck even if they are unable to make their site usable. Deal with them at your own risk!

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