CRFLLC/Donna Marie Allison

Dear, As the story of this Lord (SEE BELOW:), ours is the same, only that our group has given to this scammer 600K for PRIVATE POOL PROGRAM that await us back at any moment ... but it's more than a year that only tells lies.... Please take immediate action against this scammer! Or tell us how it is better to act against her. Thank you!

For communication pls write:


Date Occurred: 09/15/2013Reported Damages: $200,000.00Username: Creative Reality Finance, LLCLocation: Denver. CO
This woman that claims to be helping others by getting them financing off-shore has 61 clients waiting for over ten months for $455,000,000! She has been promising all of them, 17 times sence Oct. of 2012 she was bringing in the monies and initially it was supposed to be Homeland Securities fault, then the storm in NY then she had to open up a lending bank, then it was she had to inventory her assets and monotize, then it was she had to re-write the contracts because of the delays, then it was her attys. were off for a week, then she borrowed $20,000.00 from one of the clients because she had to pay a fee to have the funds released and now won't call the client back when he asks where his money is after she promised to pay him back five weeks ago, then she said she needs $300,000.00 more so she can release the funds from a trust she claims she has. She has not once in the past ten months cared enough for these 61 clients to be concerned that they are in fact selling off assets and losing everything while she keeps telling everyone she will fund in a week to ten days and keeps them hanging on. I have never seen such a unbelieveable situation in my life! It doesn't matter if you are trying to do anything if throughout the process you won't communicate with straight answers and disregard peoples suffering. She knows that there are not any big lenders in the US right now and she just keeps dangeling a carrott and hurting people with lie after lie! Intentions are not truth in lending. Nobody realized that Donna Allison, (CRF) didn't have the money to lend when they applied for their loan. She doesn't believe she can be prosicuited but her trail of E-mails and now she has taken money from a client, $20,000 will hopefully land her in prison for a long time! Some of these 61 people are selling off personal assets, and actually losing thier original commercial deals, untold millions of dollars, because of her telling one lie after another! She is still accepting applications for more clients but her website shows her retiring in 2011 from all of her companies including CRF. Someone needs to stop this financial terrorist from ruining more lives and commerce projects in the USA!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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