Hello :-) smile finance took £26.34p out off my barclays bank account. they didnt tell me that they was going 2? as i never got anything off them or even got a dission on any kind off loan off them. so i would like that money that they took off me put straight bk in 2 my bank account account 2 day please. they had no rights 2 take the money out off my bank account as i didnt get no reply bk from them. i just replyed 4 1 loan but all it does is switch 2 anouther loan lender. i am a single parent with 1 kid who is in debt with my bank account now 4 them doing this 2 me. i have emailed smile finance five times now and i still havent had any sort off contact with them. i dont no if yous will be able 2 contact them and get me a full refund off them 2 day please. my account details is barclays bank corby northants 4658 5927 5217 8007===20/45/77===43059626. thank you very much 4 doing this. please get my money bk 2 day please. i really do need that money bk 2 day please and that date that i put when they took the money out but its been longer than 5 days now i havent even heard any thing bk from them. yours sincerly mr,matthew braithwaite :-) phone number 07799086249 if u would like 2 contact me email me bk or phone me asap please thank you :-)

Country: USA   State: Cheshire   City: Cheadle   Zip: SK8 9DT
Address: P.O.BOX 290

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