Fond Sprays

To all concern,

My name is Clara Lucas and I have been charged a $95.00 fee and a $49.99 fee to my checking account of which I was not aware of even from talking to a human person on just Friday pass. Unfortunately for me I was online and there was this aid that caught my attention for perfume. So, I ordered it because is for just $5.00 and there were no outstanding words or information that was stated that I would be charged for anything else, because if I knew that I would not have ordered anything... I am an UNEMPLOYED HOUSEWIFE with TWO SONS IN COLLEGE and we are in our early years of senior hood. Our income does one allow for these things to come on us... I NEED THIS MATTER TO BE ATTENDED TOO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE these kinds of charges can mess with our mortgage payment and other life necessities... I have not received any of your products since that first bottle and I don’t even know where that is, But, I can promise you this if anything comes here it will be return and or refused to except. I NEED ALL OF MY FUNDS RETURNED AND I DON"T WANT ANYTHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR CO

Country: USA   State: California   City: Burbank   Zip: 91504
Address: 827 North Hollywood way, #122
Phone: 8883870420

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