Travis walker attorney
Scam artist

was contacted by attorney travis walker saying that i was going to be arrested come monday morning.he said that i took out a loan in february and never payed it back so he was going to file paper work for me to be arrested by the sheriff department.he said he could fix the problem if i gave him 646.00 in a hour on a green dot pre paid card.he then told me to get the card and call him back on my cell phone.when my wife called him back to ask for proof he said that he didn't have to give her anything and that he was going to send the paper work to the sheriff department.

Iwent down to my local police department and explain the situation and he told me it sounds like a scam and that they don't settle accounts like that in court.I nvere recieved any papers form any judge or court house.The officer ran a check on my license and told me that there was no law suit against me in the 50 states.when i was in the police station a cuy called my cell phone stateing he was a cop from los angeles

i told him i was at the police station and told the man to call the police station so that the officer can talk to him i gave him the number and he said he will call me right back he never called i waited with the officer and he said see it is a scam.people out there don't be scamed by this attorney or his phone calls he almost had me.they use different technics and always use travis walker you can see other web sites about this guy and his scams. if your not sure what to do call your local assistant attorney office and tell them whats going on hopefully they can help.good luck

Offender: Travis walker attorney
Country: USA   State: California   City: Los angeles
Phone: 5102148398

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