US Extradition/Gordon Brooks
Civil rights violators

ack in 1986 I was convicted of a burglary & after being in the system for a few years was sent to prison ,did my time finished my parole & went on with life.Now for reasons to long to explain I had been under the impression that my discharge paper work had been sent to my parents (for safe keeping)at my request,not so infact they never sent any at all,20 years later get arrested on a random stop,held for a fugitive warrant,only to get to Texas where I stayed at the Byrd unit for 4 months,so they could give me the discharge I should have got 20 years prior.

Being locked up was bad enough but the treatment by this guy Brooks was cruel,I know that they are given so much money for feeding prisoners,for almost seven days on the road this is what I ate,at around 4;30 or 5 am we each got 1 honey bun pastry & a child size carton of milk,for lunch around 1;30 or 2 in the afternoon(sometimes late as 3;30)we each got one 59 cent hamburger & a child size soda,then for dinner at around 7 or 8 o'clock we each received one 69 cent taco & a child size soda,they switched lunch & dinner every other day for variety.

Now while we were waiting for our dinner they would drive to Outback Steakhouse & other better restaraunts & that's what they ate.Rarely during the day did we get a small 6oz bottle of water,packed side by side having to hold your pee til it hurts then hold it some more,and good luck trying to sleep,now I know that maybe twenty years prior to that I probly deserved all that but after getting my stuff together & putting all that kind of life behind me ,I couldnt help but think this is what it must felt like to be in WII,just that "what th'h*ll" felling knowing this is wrong & that mans wrongfully treating me like an animal.

Offender: US Extradition/Gordon Brooks
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: 1011 Meredith Dr. #15
Phone: 8666838737

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