Magnun and Neustar web hosting/help center misrepresentation,false advertisement,false promises,profiling senior citizens, brazen lying

A woman named Genny called me and wanted to know if I wanted a Domain from Go Daddy. When I sound interested she turn me over to a man from Mygen llc that could start a domain for $200.00 . This is two lies already. Go Daddy is not associated with them and the domain only cost $10.63. They then gave the phone to David Mazzola ask me for my credit card number so that he could see if I qualified for a very good deal that could make me between 4,000 to 7,000 per month because he would target 200,000 customers in three months. I have since learned that the first three months is suppose to be free when you register for a domain. They claim to be experts in advertising. They are associated with another company called Neustar. They operate the help center whose job is to tell you more lies and pretend like boostmedia is a ligetimate company. They also buy back the domain for 10.63. Mean while the David Mazzola kep saying that we should wait to see what the 200 dollar domain was doing. I checked the number of customers I had every day. I only had 4 customers. One day I click on customers and found that all 4 were named had my name. I suspect that Mazzola signed me up with Paypal and thought that I would be ordering from the internet and get a small percentage of what ever I order. He thought I would think that my domain was working. I did not order anything and I did not get one dollar. I thought It very brazen for them to take almost $5,000.00 and give nothing in return till I found out they had done the same thing to another senior citizen in Boulder Colorado for $11,000. Chase Bank did not refund her money because the claim they did what they said . We are fighting with everything we can to get out money back.

Offender: Mygenllc/Boostmediallc
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Address: 21001 Tatum Boulevard

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