Wealth Masters International
Carbon Copy Pro --Co-conspirator Cleverly and Skillfully, Swindled and Lied To Make A Sale

Consumers and people looking to work from home or have an internet marketing business --Beware! Wealth Masters International (Texas) and Carbon Copy Pro (NY) & a team to cleverly scam even the smartest of entrepreneur want-to-be's.

Last year, I was swindled by very intelligent men with Carbon Copy Pro (internet business MLM) and with Wealth Master's International. The team approach that was used, was highly skilled, thought-out and administered perfectly to con even the smartest of people. I am one of those people. It wasn't too long into the program that I learned what the whole process was and that I was lied to from the start. I was promised a payoff of my initial investment after just a few months of getting leads that were supposed to be given to me by my Carbon Copy Pro advisors, Jeff Learner and Jordan Crouter as outlined in your, WMI, webinar that I attended. The process was so smoothly initiated that I had no idea that I had just been conned. I never received any leads and was left to die on the vine. My emails to Jeff Learner and Jay Kubassek expressing my concerns to this day have all been unanswered. I was going to chalk it up to poor judgement on my behalf. It was eating at my every day knowing that I had been scammed out of $20K! It was making me sick. Then, I talked with a person who has a website on MLM Scams and he charged me up enough to get me to go after these guys not only to hopefully get my money back, but to prevent other unsuspecting people from doing what I did. I want their scam to be known to all.

After repeatedly requesting my money back and being told "you signed a contract", I continued every effort to make the program work. It was portrayed by Carbon Copy to be a fully replicable "business in a box" but it was anything but that. After knowing what I know now, I could never be part of a system that gets rich ripping people off.

To sum it up, I was scammed out of $19,610.99 and I want my money returned. I have sent each individual executive at Wealth Masters and Carbon Copy Pro a very clear email asking for my money back, a certified letter to each asking for my money back. I did not even receive a courtesy email from anyone. This definitely shows their guilt and and their lack of business acumen. I have sent complaints up to the CA Attorney General and the Texas Attorney General along with other internet sites to file a fraud report.

Their is NO BONAFIDE BUSINESS to learn or create with Carbon Copy and Wealth Masters. They teach others how to SCAM from others, and you don't find this out until they have your money and won't return it.

If you hear these names, be on alert:
Wealth Master's
Mr. Kip Herriage, CEO
Mr. Karl Bessey, President
Ms. Mary Dee, COO
Morgan Johnson
Michael Hamburger
Carbon Copy
Aaron Parkinson
Jay Kubassek
Mike Force
Jeff Learner
Jordan Crouter
These are to name a few.

I would like to find others to join forces to file a class action law suit to recover some of the money thousands of us lost with this scam!

Offender: Wealth Masters International
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1600 Highway 6, ste 360
Phone: 8325327655
Site: www.wmitoday.com

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