Elizabeth "Betsy" Duranty
Elizabeth "Betsy" Duranty Elizabeth Proestle Heflin, Betsy Collins and other last names used are Maniscalco, Gieseker, Ward, Brown Convicted Criminal Elizabeth "Betsy" Duranty Is Manipulating Her Way Through The Court System

PLEASE CONTACT US REGARDING THIS CON ARTIST. She is currently trying to make us her next victim by filing false court documents. She is claiming she has power of atttorney over our landlord, the homeowner, so she can move in while she manipulates the bank to delay foreclosure in order to live for free.

She and her two bit ambulance chasing attorney did all this without our knowledge by lying to the court by saying that they "attempted service" on us. Someone is always at our residence for our home based business to answer calls or accept deliveries. The constant flow would make it impossible to evade service nor would we want to, especially regarding our home and fearing what this woman might be capable of.

The homeowner, who apparently knows her, told us to ignore her and to never let her in his home or give her money. He told us if she continued to call us that we should file a restraining order on her. After we told her this she obtained an attorney who began to try and extort money from us by claiming we had not paid rent in a year and wanted our canceled checks for proof. We told him that we owed her no proof as she was not our landlord and we had never paid rent to her. (We had recently been informed that she had obtained someone's personal banking information and was able to walk into the bank and clean out his account by pretending to be the man's wife.) This was the last time we heard from him or her, until today when we found an eviction notice from the sheriff's department giving us one week to vacate.

We unwittingly were completely blindsided by her tactics and ability to convince person's in authority to give her control over possession's that she has no right to.

We need witnesses or at least any information that you or anyone else can contribute to help us stop this woman. If you prefer to remain anonymous we will abide by anyone's wishes to do that we just need to stop this, for lack of a better word, woman who has multiple convictions and prison sentences. She is a thief and a con artist and will continue if she isn't stopped.

We are in the process of contacting all appropriate legal authorities and have sought legal counsel. ANYONE AND EVERYONE who has been victimized by ELIZABETH "BETSY" DURANTY AKA MOORE, AKA ETC, ETC, is strongly encouraged to come forward so that we can put her behind bars for a very, very long time. She is out on parole and any and all illegal violations or maneuvers that she was previously convicted for will put her back where she belongs. Let's all ban together and stop her from victimizing any more hard working individuals.

Contact us please at (((emial redacted))). I hesitate to put a phone number for fear of more harassment and threats from her. Please contact us immediately.

Offender: Elizabeth "Betsy" Duranty
Country: USA   State: California   City: La Costa
Address: 7051 Alicante Roa
Phone: 6192017602

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