Perpetual Green
Brent Ivie Wasteful behavior is forcing our utilities to produce more power than necessary

PerpetualGreens Renewable/Efficiency Energy Systems Are the Cleanest new Source of Energy

PerpetualGreens renewable/energy-efficient systems just introduced to the building market are becoming the popular way to produce clean energy right where it is consumed. This eliminates the staggering fossil fuel-to-steam-to-generator-to-transmission losses that wastes up to 70% of the power produced by utilities. Once the power gets to its location, another
10% to 20% is wasted by homes and businesses through inefficient practices and electrical systems. Most of our generated power goes into thin air.

On-site generation of clean negawatt power through new state-of-the-art equipment like the new hybrid renewable energy systems from PerpetualGreen is becoming a popular energy retrofit with home and small business

Additional megawatts of power are becoming harder to find these days. New clean energy production is in the planning stages, but will it be available soon enough? Coal mining and off-shore oil drilling disasters have brought new demands for bans or moratoriums on fossil fuels. New wind and solar farms have met with stiff resistance from environmental groups that could tie the process up for year.

The world will need 28 trillion watts annually to meet its energy needs a gap of 15 million megawatts, or the amount of power the world uses annually now. The only way to close that gap is by producing more negawatts power that never had to be produced in the first place. Negawatts, sometimes called the fifth fuel are the cleanest, easiest, and cheapest way to produce energy. The cost of producing negawatts is one-tenth to one-twentieth the cost of producing clean energy.

The Energy Information Administration ranks the U.S. as the 137th most in-efficient country in the world. Our wasteful behavior is forcing our utilities to produce more power than we actually need, creating additional fossil-fuel emissions that threaten our health and economic stability. Its up to all of us to do what we can to solve our energy needs. Its the right thing to do.

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