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They tried to get me too!

As i was trying to take a nap, my cell phone rings (mind you I have only had my phone for just over 26 months). They say "this is %_ calling as a follow up on your magazine subscriptions for __the 3 magazine names%".... I say "I don't get those magazines". So, after battling to hear what this girl is telling me because of all the hollering and swearing I can hear from others around her, I ask her to speak up. She tells the people around her to "shut the F% up." I am still trying to tell her that I do not get those, never asked to get them, don't want them and never authorized them to do so. She says "oh you haven't gotten them, let me check your address" SURPRISE!!! The address is wrong in the zip code.. We battle it out a little bit (I do believe I know my address better than her) about this whole thing. She says, "well I am new and not sure so here, talk to someone else" (not very polite I must say) .....Here we go again. This guy comes on and says that I have been paying for the last 30 months... I argue! I say I don't want them, want to cancel and to erase my info, (again I am still having a hard time hearing) he says something about I have 30 months left on a 60 month subscription (who in their right mind would do that for 3 magazine a month at $40 per month) and if I cancel now there will be a very large cancellation fee so I should wait 5-6 months. Well, in order to cancel you have to agree to these monthly fees just to get the cancellation number... I am still argueing, almost yelling at this point....but guess what, they had my card take that back, my husbands debit card number (which hasn't been activated long enough for me to give them the numbers 30 months ago). To get this over with I answer their dumb questions to get the cancellation numbers, as they said this was already a reoccuring payment of , um, either $9 a month or $38 a month, he kept throwing both numbers out there. I finally get off the line with them and immediatly call the cancellation number. They say its cancelled, I say they are scammers, she said I was wrong. Now, I get to call the bank. Sure enough, there is this charge for $38.84 posted today, April 15, due to be withdrawn on April 18. They didn't see any other charges in the last several months, so we both assume it is just the one. My husbands debit card is cancelled, the bank clearly know now about this and will be watching for anything by these people, and now we have to go into the bank, sign papers and request new cards. Thanks to these people, I have to run around town and get things straightened out!

Offender: America's Reader Choice
Country: USA   State: Montana   City: Great Falls
Address: Post Office Box 89

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