Franco Jofre
Franco Jofre aka Ginger Jofre. Stepfather of Alejandra Rodarte Franco Jofre is 16 years younger than his Wife Ginger Jofre. In this Video he is 30 and his Step Daughter Alejandra Rodarte is just 17 years old!

Franco Jofre lives in Lake Elsinore and needs to be watched!!! He lives in a house with a wife who is 16years older than him. Franco Jofre is 44 years old and Ginger Jofre his (Never Home wife) is 60.. THis video found on the links below shows what i have been reaserching all along. I have been watching this guy as he lives in a house with 3 other girls whom are sisters of Alejandra Rodarte. The Sister are more his age than his Wife Ginger is. I live in Lake Elsinore and i have noticed more and more Registered Sex offenders moving in. They need to ship these people to there own island.

This link shows 147 Sex offenders in Lake Elsinore Alone.

Franco Jofre video surface on the World Wide Web

These video I found on the internet are amusing but still give a message that i was knowing for awhile. Please protect the children and help let those know this wont be tolerated.

Offender: Franco Jofre
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 31930 Manzinita Lane

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