Eskil Asbj
Rnssnn This guy is a con artist and a scammer BEWARE!!! len, Othe

Eskil Asbjrnssnn is a creep of the worst kind. What he does is con his way into your life by making you feel special and that he is your friend. Then he comes up with some lame excuse that he lost his job and needs a place to stay.

If you take this guy in, you're going to have to pay the price. I gave him a place to stay, loaned him money that he promised he would pay back. I even let him use my car when he told me he was going on a job interview. Of course, there never was any job interview and I have no idea what he used my car for. Probably working some other chump.

In the end, he never paid me the money he owed me. He left like a thief in the night, taking some of my things with him to sell or pawn. He even took my laptop which was very expensive and had all my personal files on there. Since I do on-line banking, I had to call all my credit card companies and bank and have all that information changed.

Offender: Eskil Asbj
Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Vester

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