Deceptive company

In January 2002 I brought a 1998 Ford F-150 from the Carmax in Raleigh, Nc. This is the very worse vehicle I have owned.I've had the truck for 14 months, when it had to go into the shop to get my Ford Block replaced. It had a cracked piston that had "broke" off inside the engine.
At first Carmax acted like they didn't want to cover it, cause I couldn't find my Oil Change, or Sevice Maintance recipts, that they asked to see, since there was so much damage done to the engine.

So then I found all my reicpts, so then if course they had to make up another excuse to get out of covering it.

So then the guy at the Dealership said that my oil was really thick, and that doesn't look good for me, then he made a comment that my coolant was to clear, that it only had a light blue tint to it.

So of course I got alittle upset, and told the dealership, look your gonna fix this truck, there ain't no way I broke the piston, and if you have a problem with the way the oil and coolant looks, then you need to talk to last company that changed all that. Then I told him I paid alot of money for a extended warranty, just incase something like this would happen down the road, and if Carmax isn't going to cover it, then the Extended Warranty ain't doing me a bit of good.

So finally Carmax, covered that part of the warranty.It took the dealership a month to get my truck out of there. I got my truck back on a Tuesday. I had to turn around and put it back in the shop that Friday.I needed a new Vapor Cansiter, and new gas cap.

So then I got it back that Monday. That Monday night I had to call a Wrecker truck, to come and get my truck, cause it wouldn't crank up.

So Tuesday morning the dealership called me and tells me that the guy working on it forgot to hook up the linkage cable to my gear shift. Well then I drove it about 2 weeks, check engine light came on again, so i took it somewhere else and got a Dianosn Test, and it said I had a Large Evaportative Leak in my Emmsions Control System.

So then I took it back to the dealership, they called me back told me that the guy working on it forgot to hook up a hose near my Vapor Canister, thats why the check engine light came on.Well now I need to get my brakes changed.

So I took it to a popular company that does that sort of work. Well they want 449.67 to fix my brakes. It seems, that I need all this work done to my rotors(both of them) and I needed my back brakes cleaned up. The man said that my rotors were wore down completely.Let me remind you I have only drove this truck for a year and 3 months. The only place I go is to work back and forth, and it's only 7 minutes away. I could understand if I was out there driving the hell out of my truck, and running my brakes to the ground. And then top it all off.

I recently brought a Vehicle History Report. Well according to the report, I have a great truck, but the only thing on it that I didn't like was that for the first 4 years of it, it was used as rental car for a major rental company. Then it was sold to a different car lot, then sold to Carmax, and I'm the only person owner of the vehicle.

I think it should be the law that the Car Dealership lets the future buyer know if the vehicle was a rental, student driver car, etcc...And what I think, is when the truck started having problem when it was with the rental car company, they sold it real cheap to the other car lot, and then sold it to carmax. And instead of putting money in it to get it fixed the right way, they just did a touch up job, to hurry up and sale it. I feel like Carmax knew that there was certain problems to this truck, and just ignored it,wanted to hurry and sale it,
so they wouldn't be burdened by the truck, so why not let someone else right?If I knew this truck was a rental, I would have never brought it. No telling how many people has used that truck, and how it was driven.

So I feel like I have been ripped off by CarMax, by selling me a defected vehicle, that I have to put money into, even though it has a warranty, I still have to pay a 75 dollar debutible.May not seem like much, but it does when your truck has been in the shop 5 times, all in the same month.

I could understand all this work needing to be done if I drove it for 3-4 years, but I've only drove it for a year, I still have 4 more years on this truck.

Offender: Carmax
Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Raleigh
Address: GlenFord Ave.

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