Lawstar, Inc.
WATCH OUT INVESTORS!!! deceptive company

I was contacted by phone in the year 2000 by a man named "Barry Davis". Barry Davis got my name from after I filled out a form stating that I was interested in investing in IPOs(Initial Public Offerings).
This "Barry Davis" introduced me to an "Investment Opportunity" with Lawstar, Inc.

Let me interject this first: I was a victim of the most powerful tornado in recorded history; The May 3, 1999 Tornado in Oklahoma.

My wife lost her life as a result of that event.
I LOST EVERYTHING!!! I was the sole benificiary of a life insurance policy she had set up for me. So, you see...I had some money to invest, but not alot because I had started buying houses and fixing up old ones and selling them for profit. The work was too hard, so I started looking for investment opportunities.

After Barry Davis told me that a company was going to buy lawstar out at about $7.00 a share within the next three months, and that it was already "on the table", I agreed to invest $10,000.

I bought 5000 shares at $2.00 a share, with the CLEAR understanding from Mr. Davis that it would be a 3 month in and out "Deal" and that I could not afford to be away from that much money for too long.

He assured me that it wouldn't take more than 90 days.
Barry also at about the same time intoduced me to another "HOT DEAL" in which I invested in first...ESN or Entertainment Shopping Network which later changed their name to IESN or Internet Entertainment Shopping Network, and from thence, My Favorite Software.

But that's another complant which I will file later.
Anyway, After much communication with Barry Davis, he just dissapeared. I was left with thew task of Staying in contact with these two companies myself.

It is now May 6, 2003 and each of these two companies, both located in Beverly Hills, CA. have produced nothing but PROMISES.

I talked with the president of Lawstar last year and he told me that about March 2003 that Lawstar would be a publicly traded company.
Has it happened...(COUGH)
I guess the 90 day "at the most" deal expired, huh???
After Barry Davis dissapeared I received a call from another man in Beverly Hills trying to talk me into investing in a company called with the same promises of the other two companies, and had just about the same pitch lines.

It's easy to be victimized after a trauma.
Be careful people!!!!!!!!!!

Offender: Lawstar, Inc.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Beverly Hills
Address: *500 Wilshire Blvd. STE 916

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