Hurricane Express, Naedok, Kadon
Naedok, kadon enterprises, etc. Drove 8000 miles @ 1.38 per mi. and did not get check or statement from them. Paid 25.00 per day to eat with and use money for scales also. You starve working for them. After not eating for two days i

I have been working for Hurricane Express for about a month and a half now. I just quit after they did not send me a second pay check or statement. They were only giving me 100.00 every four days to eat with and weigh the truck after picking up their loads. I was starving out there. I had not eaten in two days and they wanted me to come into the office. When I went their they had two new drivers just starting with them, they got four pizzas for the new drivers I asked if I could have a slice and they knew I had not eaten for two days and they would not give me a slice of pizza.

I drove 8000 miles and did not get one thin dime in my pay check I never got. They told me I would be making 1.38 per mile and I didnt get a pay check after driving 8000 miles for them, their is something wrong with this picture. They refused to send me a statement so I could see what I made or what the deductions were so how am I suppose to know how they are screwing me. They give you 80% of your pay (when they do pay you) in a com check and the rest in a company check so they dont have to declare the income they are making to the IRS.

The Com checks are not traceable. They Rip everyone off their drivers, the IRS, and everyone else they can. They told me they had a 2013 truck for me before I went out there then after I got there they put me in a 2007 truck with a dented fender that had 800thousand miles on it instead. They wanted me to log at 73mph when the truck had a governor on it to go no more than 65mph. They wanted me to be in NYC to deliver a load two days after I picked it up in Az. How do you do that? Not legally I assure you. The IFTA expired the end of Dec. and they would not give me another sticker for it and the trailer had a cardboard plate on it and they did not give me a new plate for it.

They wanted me to drive the truck illegally I guess, wouldnt you say that to? Anyone thinking about getting involved with these people Please think twice about it. You will be lied to, cheated out of money, and made to starve and live in the truck. They dont let you go home. I was home for two days since I started with them a month and a half ago and that was because I delivered a load to NYC and needed to take a 34 hr break. I have lost 20lbs since i started with these people and my wife said I look like death. PLEASE DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE NO GOOD!!!

Offender: Hurricane Express, Naedok, Kadon
Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Rte 412 Colcord
Address: Rte 412 Colcord OK
Phone: 18006264227

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