Stanley Home Warranty
Stan Mankorski, Manager Bogus Home Warranty

I started looking for a Home Warranty for my appliances and found this company named Stlanley Home Warranty. The ad seemed pretty descent and the promotion sounded great at the time. I called and spoke to the customer service representative there names Sandy who set the account up. It all started in August 31, 2012. My policy would come into effect in October. After completing the conversation and setting up direct deposit for the month the policy would come into effect, I ask when i would be receiving the policy and literature of the company in the mail. I was told i would receive it in about two weeks. I never received anything from the company. On September 4, 2012 I noticed a debit to my account for Stanley Warranty. I said well let me call them and see why they were debiting my account. I made phone calls there to speak to someone regarding the policy and information about the warranty and was told by Linda, and Sandy that someone would call me. September 10th I had not received a call from anyone and was told that they under went a hurricane, which was ok, but i still needed information about the debt to my account. I continue to try to contact someone and after another week still no calls and no policy, nothing in the mail about the policy. At this point i was worried that even with continuing with this company if i made a call for someone to fix my appliances that i would get the run around. It was into October and i noticed that they had already taken another payment but no response and no policy. I call and finaly spoke to Sandy again who could not give me any information. I told her on October 4th that i wanted to cancel the policy and have someone to please call me. I never received a call. I had to continue calling and complaing about the service once a week from September to December. It was in December that i spoke to a so called supervisor who assured me that they were processing a refund and that i had to send another cancellation notice which they claim they lost along with my banking information that i gave to them for automatic payments to ensure they would have the money for the policy. I sent he information to Stanley December 15th. I waited a week and not received the refund. Sandy and Linda told me that they had problems debiting my account that i would receive a check. January 3, 2013 I continue to call regarding the refund and every customer agent had no clues what i was talking about concerning the refund and was promised every day that a supervisor would call me. January 14th i received a email from Stanley stating that i owed them $147 for cancelling the policy and that I only sent the cancellation notice in Decbember. I was furious. January 16th 2013 finally get to speak with a Supervisor named Stan Mankorski who wanted to argue with me concerning my problem, stated he had to get with an underwriter to get me my money back. After an 1hour he agreed to refund me my money. On January 17th i check my bank account and notice a debit in the amount of $147.97, I paid 48.99 for two month. I need help from anyone that can help to get my money back. What a company. Pass this along

Offender: Stanley Home Warranty
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Englewood Cliffs
Address: 560 Sylvan Avenue
Phone: 18007643049

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